Assad: Righteously Defending Syrian Sovereignty

Assad: Righteously Defending Syrian Sovereignty
by Stephen Lendman
It bears constant repetition to counter vicious US-led anti-Syrian propaganda, repeated by media scoundrels, featuring scurrilous reporting, suppressing what’s most important to reveal.
Syria is Obama’s war, US-created and supported ISIS and terrorists recruited from scores of countries across the Middle East and the West, used as imperial foot soldiers. 
Perhaps the Biggest Big Lie about the war is calling it “civil.” Syria was invaded, Assad acting responsibly. He deserves universal respect, praise and support.
On February 12, French news agency AFP interviewed him in Damascus. He’s forthright, sincere and straightforward in all his public comments – polar opposite Obama and other duplicitous Western leaders.
As he’s done throughout nearly five years of conflict, he expressed sincere angst about the torment his people endure, an unbearable situation people living in conflict-free areas can’t imagine – including US-sponsored violence, incredible deprivation and overwhelming human suffering.
He explained he’s defending, not attacking his people, solely waging war on terrorist invaders, grateful to have Russian aerial support.
In Raqqa under ISIS control, “the state continues to pay the salaries of employees and send vaccines for children,” he explained.
He hopes millions of Syrian refugees displaced internally and abroad will be able to return home. He’s committed to help them.
Defeating terrorist invaders is crucial to liberating Syria. Winning the battle of Aleppo is strategically important. Assad called it not about controlling the city and province “because the Syrian state is there.”
It’s “about cutting the road between Aleppo and Turkey,” Erdogan in league with Washington and other rogue partners, using it to supply ISIS and other terrorist groups with arms, munitions and other aid.
Numerous fronts in the war continue simultaneously, aiming to free Syria entirely from foreign-supported terrorist groups.
Geneva and Munich attempts at conflict resolution changed nothing. The battle for Syria’s liberation continues, not ending until achieved.
Assad stressed this is the goal he seeks “without any hesitation. It makes no sense” to sacrifice any part of Syrian territory to foreign invaders.
“(N)aturally” resolving ongoing conflict “will take a long time and will incur a heavy price,” besides the overwhelming human toll and devastation so far.
Asked how long it will take to restore peace, he explained it depends on how long Turkey and Saudi in league with Washington and other Western nations intend to continue fighting.
He called US-led hype about so-called “moderate opposition (pure) fantasy.” It doesn’t exist. Virtually all anti-government forces are “extremist groups (like) Daesh…”
They’re “terrorists,” all enemies of Syrian sovereign independence. Assad explained he respects legitimate political opposition. His forces aren’t attacking them.
He criticized the hypocrisy of Geneva III, explaining proposed talks if beginning won’t be with Syrians, but with representatives of foreign powers, the entire process orchestrated by Washington.
He believes possible Turkish and/or Saudi intervention is unlikely. At the same time, “fanatical” leaders like Erdogan make anything possible. The same goes for tyrants running Saudi Arabia.
He stressed how respectful Russian officials treat him, “not…as a superpower dealing with a minor state, but as a sovereign state dealing with” another one.
He has no faith in the outcome of America’s November presidential election. All aspirants are bellicose. Their promises are meaningless, their policies “the exact opposite” once elected.
Serving as Syria’s president is a responsibility to all its people, he explained. Syrians overwhelmingly support him. If ahead they “don’t want me, I shall not stand” for reelection, he stressed.
He denounced scurrilous Western and regional propaganda, baseless accusations against him, countries involved ignoring the own high crimes, waging US-orchestrated genocidal war on Syria’s people, defenseless civilians harmed most.
He supports resolving years of conflict diplomatically. He sees an inevitable “two-track” solution, including negotiations with legitimate nonviolent opposition elements, at the same time continuing to combat the scourge of terrorism.
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