John Kerry and His UK Counterpart Blame Russia and Syria for US/British High Crimes

John Kerry and His UK Counterpart Blame Russia and Syria for US/British High Crimes
by Stephen Lendman
Here are the cold, hard facts war criminals Kerry and Britain’s Boris Johnson suppress – their disgraceful Big Lies regurgitated by US-led Western media scoundrels, despicably concealing vital truths about years of conflict in Syria.
It’s Obama’s war, urged, planned and orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, an unindicted war criminal, likely next US president, and all the virtual horrors her incumbency represents.
Washington’s aim is regime change, destroying Syrian sovereignty, eliminating an Israeli rival, isolating Iran ahead of attacking its government the same way, and preventing Russia from gaining regional influence.
All anti-government forces engaged in hostilities against Syria’s legitimate government and population are US-supported terrorists, largely imported from scores of countries. 
The myth of “moderate rebels” persists. There are none. Nor is war “civil.” It’s US-led naked aggression, using ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers.
America’s war on Syria is one of history’s great crimes. In September 2015, Russia responsibly intervened at the behest of Syria’s government – forces of both countries heroically combating a scourges vital to defeat.
John Kerry, Boris Johnson and their scoundrel media echo chamber want people in America, Britain, continental Europe and the Middle East to believe a scenario polar opposite of what’s explained above – despicably defending the indefensible.
On Sunday from London, Kerry and Johnson issued a joint statement. Following their remarks, Press TV asked me to comment. 
I discussed what’s explained above, giving a candid assessment of what the Syrian conflict is all about – remarks banned by US-led Western print and electronic media.
Airing or publishing them would explain what’s really going on and why, polar opposite what Western officials and complicit media scoundrels claim.
Kerry and Johnson made painful listening, spouting Big Lies, suppressing hard truths.
Johnson: “(T)he situation in (eastern) Aleppo is getting worse and worse. There’s continuing bombardment of innocent civilians, 100,000 kids now under a terrible, medieval siege. Casualties continue to mount.”
Kerry: “(A)ll of us are…deeply disturbed by and outraged by what is happening in (eastern) Aleppo…a horrendous step back in time to a kind of barbarism, a use of force that is of insult to all of the values that the United Nations and most countries believe should guide our actions.”
“It’s a humanitarian disaster…(a)nd it could stop…if Russia and (Assad) would behave according to any norm of decency.”
“Instead, we see what can only be described as crimes against humanity…on a daily basis, when a hospital gets bombed, when children get bombed, when gas…is used…”
Fact: Remarks by Kerry and Johnson apply solely to actions by America, Britain, their rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers – not Russian or Syrian forces.
Fact: Syrian troops with vital Russian help continue combating the made in the USA scourge – raping the Syrian Arab Republic like so many other countries to achieve unchallenged global dominance.
Fact: Most east and west Aleppo residents left the city long ago. Its current population is a small fraction of its pre-war 2.1 million people, according to a 2004 census.
Fact: Most people remaining are in government-controlled areas. Much smaller numbers in the city’s east are held hostage as human shields by US-supported terrorists, prevented from leaving.
Fact: Syria and Russia offered civilians and terrorist fighters safe passage through humanitarian corridors to other locations of their choosing. 
Fact: Areas occupied by anti-government death squads are surrounded by Syrian forces.
Fact: Cessation of hostilities depends entirely on jihadists ending their naked aggression on government forces and civilians.
Fact: Media scoundrels ignore their daily shelling of Western Aleppo residential areas, killing and wounding defenseless men, women and children.
Fact: Syrian and Russian forces could have liberated Aleppo long ago. It’s happening slowly and deliberately, care taken avoid mass civil casualties.
Winning the battle for Aleppo is vital to liberate Syria from the scourge of US imperialism. War won’t end any time soon.
With Hillary’s likely ascension to power next year, things are virtually certain to worsen before hopefully improving. 
How much more made in the USA mass slaughter, destruction and human misery must Syrians endure before regaining their freedom? 
Will their country lie entirely in ruins before US aggression ends?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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