Anti-Iran Western Media Support Likely Orchestrated Protests

Anti-Iran Western Media Support Likely Orchestrated Protests

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Western media oppose all sovereign independent governments Washington designates for regime change.

On December 28, likely CIA/Mossad-orchestrated protests began in Iran, reminiscent of Washington’s failed 2009 green revolution.

Things began in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city, then Tehran and elsewhere in the country, numbers involved represented a small minority of public sentiment.

Most Iranians support their government, strongly oppose Washington and other Western interference in the nation’s affairs.

Some protesters expressing support for the overwhelmingly hated Pahlavi regime suggests US involvement in what’s going on.

Others protesting against Iran’s involvement in aiding its Syrian ally combat terrorism is another sign of possible US/Israeli manipulation.

Iran’s presence in Syria is minimal. Most Iranians support its government’s involvement in combating terrorism, a threat to the country’s security.

Some protesters chanting “We don’t want an Islamic Republic,” “Death to Rouhani,” and “Death to the dictator,” sounds like a foreign-orchestrated script – totally opposite supportive public sentiment for the government.

Media scoundrels jumped all over what’s going on. Here’s a sampling of inflammatory headlines:

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post: “Iran’s government warns protesters they will ‘pay the price’ for mass unrest”

It’s modest, not mass.

Wall Street Journal: “Iranian Protesters Seek End to Regime, Khamenei’s Rule”

Perhaps a small dissent view, not at all a popular one.

Los Angeles Times: “ ‘Death to the dictator!’ is new rallying cry in Iran as antigovernment protests spread to capital”

A perversion of popular sentiment.

Chicago Tribune: “Protests break out across Iran before Iranian hard-liners counter with their own demonstrations”

Politico: “White House condemns Iranian actions as third day of protests roil country”

Reuters: “Iran said protesters should pay a high price if they break the law”

ABC News: “New economic protests in Tehran challenge Iran’s government”

CBS News: “Trump administration responds to Iran protests: ‘The world is watching’ “

NBC News: “US warns Iran ‘the world is watching’ as new protests challenge regime”

CNN: “Trump to Iran: ‘The world is watching’ “

London Guardian: “Iran protesters told they will pay price for biggest unrest since 2009”

BBC: “Iran protests: ‘Iron fist’ threatened if unrest continues”

Al Jazeera: “Iran protests: Third day of anti-government rallies”

Expressing support for anti-government Iranian protesters, the NYT headlined “How Can Trump Help Iran’s Protesters? Be Quiet,” saying:

Trump “would…love to announce that his tough approach has delivered results by undermining the repressive Iranian government, and that his predecessor’s more conciliatory approach failed.”

Fact: Iran supports regional peace and stability, its agenda polar opposite Washington’s aggressive one.

Fact: Its government isn’t repressive like America’s, Israel’s and other regional rogue states. The Times supports their worst crimes.

Its accusations against Iran are bogus. It’s long supported Washington’s aim to topple its government, suggesting Trump’s Twitter and other outbursts are counterproductive.

Best to work covertly or by military action, the Times likely supports without overtly saying so.

On Saturday, mass pro-government rallies were held in Iranian cities, millions taking to the streets, countering anti-government protesters.

Fars News reported Saturday rallies as follows:

“Iranian people in Tehran and other cities across the country underlined in resolutions issued at the end of their gatherings and rallies (held to commemorate the 8th anniversary of mass rallies held on December 30, 2009) on Saturday that they would not allow the US to stir unrest and protests in Iran.”

“ ‘We invite all people to increase their insight and underline the necessity for keeping united and integrated,’ the resolutions said.”

They condemned moves “masterminded by the anti-revolutionary forces and the US, British and Israeli spy agencies to stir unrest and dissidence in Iran.”

Numbers involved on Saturday way outnumbered anti-government protesters.

Iranians strongly oppose US-led interference in their country, likely to come out in force again to counter anti-government protests if they continue.

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