UN Condemnation of Israeli Violence Against Palestinians Won’t End It

UN Condemnation of Israeli Violence Against Palestinians Won’t End It

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Wednesday, UN General Assembly members overwhelmingly condemned excessive Israeli force against peacefully demonstrating Gazans.

Some 120 nations supported the nonbinding resolution, 45 weak-kneed ones abstained, only 8 against it: the US, Israel, Australia, and five small Pacific Islands virtually controlled by Washington.

Since March 30, Israeli snipers murdered over 125 Gazans threatening no one in cold blood, over 14,000 others injured, many seriously, the death toll sure to rise.

Premeditated Israeli viciousness throughout the illegally occupied territories continues with no end of it in prospect, no liberation for a long-suffering people.

On all things relating to Israel, only one nation matters, America alone, partnering with the Jewish state, supporting its occupation viciousness, indifferent to Palestinian rights – the rest of the world community failing to challenge what no just societies tolerate. 

UN resolutions don’t matter, not binding Security Council ones or nonbinding General Assembly actions.

Throughout its history, Israel flagrantly ignored dozens of UN resolutions with impunity, including ones condemning its violence, calling settlements illegal, and designating Jerusalem an international city, among others.

Israel systematically, repeatedly, and flagrantly flaunts the rule of law, operating by its own rules alone, serving its own interests exclusively, getting away with it always because of firm US support.

Both nations partner in each other’s high crimes, the world community failing to contest what’s going on – not the EU, Russia, China or most other nations.

Israel rules the Territories illegally by Kafkaesque militarized control, bureaucratic strangulation, and brute force – the way it’s always been since the June 1967 preemptive Six Day War, naked aggression by any standard, seizing the remaining 22% of historic Palestine not gotten in 1948.

Longstanding Israeli policy calls for maximum Jews and minimum Arabs, Jews alone served, others unwanted, Palestinians viciously mistreated – brutalized, traumatized, intimidated, harassed, aiming to break their will, hoping they’ll give up the struggle, leaving their historic homeland for exclusive Jewish development and settlement.

Perhaps no other people have been tormented longer and persisted resolutely throughout it all since Balfour for fundamental rights they’re denied than Palestinians – mistreated like Jim Crow mistreatment of Blacks in America during their darkest times, no pun intended.

For Israel, settlements are key, all development in the West Bank and East Jerusalem woven around them.

Control is maintained by checkpoints, state land, the apartheid wall, other barriers, closed military zones, parks, commercial areas, nature reserves, commercial areas, Jews-only roads, no-go areas, free-fire zones, along with virtually imprisoning two million Gazans, waging wars or otherwise brutalizing them, a daily nightmare for its people, suffering under humanitarian crisis conditions.

They’re trapped behind off-limits land and sea barriers, denied access to valued agricultural land by buffer zone oppression, fishermen mistreated the same way, farmers shot in their fields if stray in areas Israel declared off-limits.

All of the above is solely for political reasons, unrelated to security. Israel flagrantly violates international law with impunity repeately.

Every day is Kristallnacht in Occupied Palestine, Gazans oppressed most of all. Occupation harshness enforces apartheid state terror, and collective punishment of a long-beleaguered people.

Peaceful demonstrations are assaulted throughout the Territories. Free expression and movement are prohibited, population centers isolated, borders closed, Gaza blockaded, the Strip attacked at Israel’s discretion.

UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions haven’t changed a thing. As long as the Jewish state has full US support, as long as the rest of the world community fails to challenge longstanding injustice, nothing ahead will change.

Israel will continue getting away with mass murder and much more because nothing stands in its way, able to do whatever it wants unaccountably.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”



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