Brexit Betrayal May Be Theresa May’s Undoing

Brexit Betrayal May Be Theresa May’s Undoing

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Given what happened since majority Brits voted for Brexit in June 2016, Theresa May lied about supporting Britain’s exit from the union – a US established artificial construct, subordinating EU sovereignty to America.

May’s announced no-Brexit/Brexit deal infuriated Labor, many Tories, UKIP MPs, and others. Her earlier bravado about “Brexit means Brexit.” Britain won’t remain “half-in (and) half-out” of the EU proved hollow.

She ended up surrendering UK sovereignty to Brussels, polar opposite what she pledged, delivering Brexit in name only.

UK parliamentarians have final say. Given the furor over her betrayal, odds seem long against getting their majority support.

Within hours of her announcement, seven high-profile Tory ministers resigned. Brexit in its present form looks doomed. Her no-Brexit/Brexit deal and Tory leadership may both go down.

Vowing to stick with a deal only Brexit opponents could love, she lied saying it “delivers on the priorities of the British people,” adding:

“Am I going to see this through? Yes,” she said. How long she can withstand strong Tory opposition remains to be seen. If party rebellion grows, her leadership days may be numbered.

A no-confidence vote could oust her. New elections could follow. Tory MP Mark Francois estimates over 80 party members intend voting against the deal.

Along with Labor and other opposition in parliament, “(t)he stark reality…is that (May’s no Brexit/Brexit deal is) dead on arrival,” he said.

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg called for May’s ouster. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party MPs intend voting against May’s Brexit deal, calling it “half-baked…in an indefinite halfway house without a real say,” adding:

“All Labor MPs must now…stand up to May, and vote down the deal” – clearly not “in the national interest…put(ting) jobs, rights, and living standards at risk.”

“This is not the deal the country was promised, and parliament cannot, and I believe will not, accept a false choice between this bad deal and no deal.” 

European Council President Donald Tusk said “the EU is prepared for a final deal with the United Kingdom in November. We are also prepared for a no-deal scenario.”

It appears the latter is coming once UK MPs vote on May’s deal on leaving Britain half in and half out of the EU – displeasing most parliamentarians, along with UK voters supporting Brexit.

A Final Comment

May remains defiant, saying it’s no-Brexit/Brexit or “deep and grave uncertainty.” 

Better the latter than capitulation of UK sovereignty to a higher power (Brussels), the way it is now, and an even greater power in Washington, controlling EU nations as vassal states.

May calls what’s unacceptable “in the national interest” – which nation she didn’t say, clearly not Britain by selling out to Brussels and Washington, betraying majority Brits at the same time.

Already rocked by ministers resigning over her no-Brexit/Brexit deal, UK media reported more resignations may come. If enough Tories submit letters of no confidence in the prime minister, her party leadership could end.

Even if most Tories support her, she could be politically damaged beyond repair. Whatever her fate, her sellout to Brussels appears doomed.

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