Deconstructing US Big Lies on Venezuela

Deconstructing US Big Lies on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman

US wars of aggression, color revolutions, and old-fashioned coups are indefensibly defended on a foundation of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception. Sunshine, the best disinfectant, exposes what’s going on. 

Convicted felon, serial liar, unindicted war criminal Elliot Abrams is Trump regime point man for toppling Venezuelan democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Representing the US at a Tuesday special session on the country, his remarks sounded like they were out of Joseph Goebbels’ playbook, unjustifiably justifying Trump regime rage against Bolivarian social democracy, wanting it eliminated.

His Big Lies fooled no one. The self-styled newspaper of record pretended otherwise – calling Abrams “a conservative former diplomat tapped by the Trump administration to be its special envoy in the Venezuela crisis.”

The comment was no different than calling Hitler the former leader of sovereign Germany – ignoring the high crimes of both figures. The Times quoted Abrams’ Big Lies without refuting them, acting as his press agent.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post was no better, headlining about Tuesday’s session: “US seeks vote on UN resolution to allow aid into Venezuela.”

There was nothing remotely related to humanitarian aid at the session. It was all about the Trump regime using the world stage as a platform to promote its coup plot – going nowhere so far.

Abrams belongs in prison, not high office. Yet media scoundrels pretend he’s a respectable figure, acting like his high crimes of war and against humanity never happened.

Along with his resume of shame and criminality, he’s a poor liar, turning truth on its head, saying “(w)e’re here today because (Maduro) refuse(d) to allow humanitarian aid to enter Venezuela on February 23, which led to deaths, injuries, and violence on two international borders.”

A separate article discussed the great Trump regime humanitarian aid to Venezuela hoax – a PR stunt related only to advancing its imperial aim to topple Maduro and eliminate Bolivarian social democracy.

Abrams: “Armed gangs, thugs, and criminals released from prisons were mobilized to control the border. Their actions led to the burning of humanitarian assistance rather than its protection.” 

“And while Venezuelans were shot and beaten and killed as they tried to bring food and medicine into their country, Maduro literally was dancing in Caracas.”

Fact: “(G)angs, thugs, and criminals” were recruited by the US, the CIA most likely, armed with US-supplied weapons,  responsible for border shootings with live fire and other violence over the weekend, continuing during the week.

Maduro was falsely blamed for Trump regime criminality, Abrams the point man for staging it.

Abrams: “The United States and the international community must support the Venezuelan people as they strive to reclaim their democracy.”

Fact: Trump regime hardliners want the hemisphere’s leading democracy destroyed – intolerant of democratic governance everywhere, especially at home.

Abrams: “Maduro and his cronies, and some in this body, claim that delivering humanitarian assistance is a political show and a cover for military intervention.” 

“Maduro regime is using violence. He betrayed Venezuelan independence and sovereignty by submitting to the influence of Cuban officers who permeate the security and intelligence agencies.”

He “has a history of using humanitarian aid as both a political tool for social control and a source for rampant corruption.”

Fact: All of the above Big Lies are polar opposite cold hard reality in Venezuela. All 15 Security Council member states and the world community know it.

Neither Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams, or anyone else in the US regime fools anyone – most of all not Venezuelans, aware of how Bolivarian social democracy works equitably for everyone when not attacked by US economic and sanctions war.

The rest of Abrams’ remarks were just as deceptively malign as the above ones. He’s part of the Trump regime’s diabolical plot to colonize Venezuela, loot its resources, and exploit its people – wanting activists for peace, equity and justice eliminated.

At the Security Council on Tuesday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister explained what’s clear to its member states and the world community, saying: 

The Trump regime is responsible for “organizing, financing, and management of this flagrant aggression against Venezuela,” adding:

“This aggression started many years ago. It started since the day when the Bolivarian Revolution took power on the 2nd of February 1999 and has been lasting every hour and every day during these past 20 years.”

That’s what the scourge of imperialism is all about – headquartered in Washington!

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