Russia to Interfere in US 2020 Elections?

Russia to Interfere in US 2020 Elections?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Big Lies take on a life of their own when endlessly repeated — especially by establishment media, acting as press agents for wealth, power, privilege, and the imperial state, reporting the official narrative exclusively, suppressing hard truths.

The US interferes in the internal affairs of other nations worldwide, including their elections. Former CIA director James Woolsey earlier said “(w)e’ve been doing this kind of thing since the (agency) was created in 1947,” adding:

It’s “for a very good cause in the interest of democracy (sic)” — bipartisan US hardliners want eliminated wherever it exists. 

Pompeo admitted that when he headed the CIA, “(w)e lied. We cheated. We stole” — and a whole lot more worldwide he left out.

Russia under Putin operates by a higher standard — playing by the rules, fully observing international laws, norms and standards, polar opposite how the US and its imperial partners operate, by their own rules exclusively.

Trump regime director of national intelligence Dan Coats earlier lied, saying “(w)e assess that foreign actors will view the 2020 US elections as an opportunity to advance their interests (sic),” adding:

Washington’s adversaries intend “refin(ing) their capabilities (sic) and add(ing) new tactics (sic) as they learn from each other’s experiences (sic), suggesting the threat landscape could look very different in 2020 and future elections (sic).”

A US National Security Agency disinformation “assessment” said the following:

“Russia’s social media efforts will continue to focus on aggravating social and racial tensions (sic), undermining trust in authorities (sic), and criticizing perceived anti-Russia politicians (sic).” 

“Moscow may employ additional influence toolkits (sic) — such as spreading disinformation (sic), conducting hack-and-leak operations (sic), or manipulating data (sic) — in a more targeted fashion to influence US policy, actions and elections (sic).”

“China and Russia are more aligned than at any point since the mid-1950s, and the relationship is likely to strengthen in the coming year as some of their interests and threat perceptions converge, particularly regarding perceived US unilateralism and interventionism and Western promotion of democratic values and human rights.”

ThinkProgress is part of the undemocratic Dem Center for American Progress. Part of its mission is proliferating propaganda.

Former Senator Tom Daschle serves as chairman. Former head of Hillary’s presidential campaign John Podesta is one of its board members.

Days earlier, ThinkProgress lied, claiming “the Kremlin’s playbook for disrupting the 2020 election (includes) targeting voter rolls to deepfake (sic) videos, and ‘meta-trolling (sic).’ ”

Like other phony accusations of Russian US election meddling, ThinkProgress and figures it quoted provide no evidence backing their claims because none exists.

All claims of earlier and alleged planned Russian interference in the US political process are bald-faced Big Lies — how the US operates globally, not the Russian Federation.

The FBI, America’s Gestapo, is involved in falsely accusing Russia of US election meddling, director Christopher Wray saying:

“We recognize that our adversaries are going to keep adapting and upping their game (sic). So we are very much viewing 2018 as just kind of a dress rehearsal (sic) for the big show in 2020 (sic),” adding:

“What has pretty much continued unabated is the use of social media, fake news, propaganda, false personas, etc. to spin us up, pit us against each other, to sow divisiveness and discord, to undermine America’s faith in democracy (sic).” 

How can what doesn’t exist be undermined? Wray continued, adding: “That is not just an election-cycle threat (sic). It is pretty much a 365-day-a-year threat (sic).”

The above claims and related ones are bald-faced Big Lies — to continue and escalate in the run-up to November 2020, likely only to abate slightly if an undemocratic Dems triumphs over Trump.

If he wins a second term, the phony roar of Russian meddling will be deafening post-election.

Trump is a serial liar. Rare exceptions prove the rule, including his earlier comment about alleged Russian 2016 presidential election meddling, calling it “a goddam hoax.”

It’s that and much worse, part of a longstanding diabolical plot to demonize Russia, along with hostile actions threatening its security, risking confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

What’s unthinkable is ominously possible, maybe inevitable, a critically important issue left unaddressed by major media.

Russia champions peace and stability. Its ruling authorities seek cooperative relations with other countries.

The US under Republicans and undemocratic Dems seek control over other nations, their resources and populations — naked aggression, color revolutions, coups, and other toughness its favored strategies.

It’s why nuclear war may be unavoidable — because bipartisan lunatic extremists in Washington call the shots, oblivious to the ultimate doomsday scenario threat.

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