State Department Propaganda on US/Russia Relations

State Department Propaganda on US/Russia Relations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Longstanding US policy calls for marginalizing, weakening, isolating, and containing Russia, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing its sovereign independence.

It’s been this way since its 1917 revolution, creating a new Soviet state. Months before WW I ended in 1918, US and UK forces invaded Russia, intervening against Bolshevism, staying until early spring 1920.

So-called “preventive war” failed to defeat the Bolshevik revolution. The infamous 1917 Espionage Act and 1918 anti-anarchist Sedition Act were enacted after its establishment — targeting “alien radicals” for deportation.

For over a century, the US has been hostile toward Russia, except for interregnum periods, notably an alliance of convenience against Nazi Germany to defeat its scourge in WW II.

The FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO (counterintelligence) program targeted political dissidents, alleged communists, anti-war, and other activists for peace, equity and justice.

US/Russia relations today are more dismal than at any previous time since the height of Cold War anti-Soviet hysteria — risking confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

Bipartisan hardliners in Washington consider Russia and China the main US adversaries. No partnership exists between America and these countries. Claims otherwise by Russian officials ignore reality.

In a rare moment of candor about the US, Sergey Lavrov earlier admitted it aims “to turn Russia into a country under its control,” adding:

“Such attempts are doomed to failure. Isolating Russia, making it sacrifice its principles, and solving their problems at our expense are not going to work.”

It’s foolhardy for Russia to believe dismal relations with the US “will fade away,” as Sergey Lavrov also said.

On geopolitical issues, Trump is captive to dark forces controlling his relations with other countries, all sovereign independent ones not controlled by the US targeted for regime change — notably Russia and China.

They’re the only nations standing in the way of Washington’s aim for unchallenged global dominance — why the ominous threat of nuclear war hangs like a sword of Damocles over humanity.

According to the State Department in late June, US/Russia diplomatic relations have existed since the early 19th century, “interrupted following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution,” but not severed.

The State Department ignored Woodrow Wilson’s deployment of US marines to Russia, waging war on the country.

In his book titled “America’s Secret War Against Bolshevism: US Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920,” David Fogelsong said Wilson was “(p)ublicly committed to supporting democratic aspirations and self-determination of all people (sic)” (provided it’s) “in harmony with (so-called) American ideals and moral values (sic)” — an agenda similar to US aims today.

Wilson falsely claimed sending marines to Russia was what its people wanted because “the Russian people have no government,” he claimed.

He lied saying his action “did not constitute intervention. He was merely restoring order,” said Fogelson.

Like most of his predecessors and successors, Wilson was a tool of powerful monied interests.

After Congress passed the notorious Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913, in the middle of the night with many of its members back home on Christmas break, Wilson signed it into law, giving Wall Street control over the nation’s money, defrauding the public, later admitting “I have unwittingly ruined my country.”

For a former law professor, there was nothing “unwitting” about it, nor signing into law the 1913 Revenue Act weeks earlier — establishing a federal income tax to have Americans pay bankers interest on the nation’s money.

For the first time in November 1933, Franklin Roosevelt formally recognized Soviet Russia. So was the Russian Federation following the USSR’s dissolution in December 1991.

The State Department turned truth on its head, claiming the US “has long sought a full and constructive relationship with Russia.” 

Polar opposite is true, especially today. Irreconcilable differences define bilateral relations.

Ignoring the Obama regime’s 2014 coup in Ukraine, replacing democratic governance with US-controlled, Nazi-infested, fascist tyranny, the State Department lied, claiming Russia “violat(ed) Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The US did all the violating by toppling its legitimate government, not Russia.

No “Russian aggression in Georgia (2008) and Ukraine” occurred. Nor has Moscow “undermine(d) norms within the existing international system beyond traditional military campaigns to encompass a suite of ‘hybrid’ tools that are used to gain influence (sic),” adding:

“Russia’s campaign aims to undermine core institutions of the West, such as NATO and the EU, and to weaken faith in the democratic and free-market system (sic).” 

“The United States has sought to deter further Russian aggression (sic) through the projection of strength and unity with UW allies, and by building resilience and reducing vulnerability among allies facing Russian pressure and coercion (sic).”

All of the above accusations against Russia are bald-faced Big Lies — applying to how the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners operate, not Moscow, the leading world peace and stability champion among major world powers.

US sanctions and other hostile actions against Russia and other nations are flagrantly illegal.

Defeating communism was a key US goal before Soviet Russia’s dissolution. Containing Moscow remains official bipartisan policy.

Cold War 2.0 rages, Putin considered US public enemy number one. He’s wrongfully vilified more intensively than Soviet era leaders — by the vast majority of officials in Washington, along with supportive establishment media.

The geopolitical agendas of both countries are polar opposite. Russia’s support for peace and respect for the national sovereignty of all nations are at odds with US imperial policies.

It’s why global war remains an ominous possibility. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance if dark forces in Washington go this far.

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