Trump’s Syria Trifecta?

Trump’s Syria Trifecta?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Leave it to the NYT, consistently reinventing history instead of reporting events accurately — never on key geopolitical issues when conflicting with imperial interests.

According to Times’ propagandist Thomas Friedman, October events in Syria are “a win for Putin, a loss for the Kurds, and lots of uncertainty for our (imperial) allies” — in high crimes left unmentioned.

Notably unexplained in Times issues is the illegality of all US wars, preemptively waged against nations to control them, their resources and populations — the highest of high crimes, according to Nuremberg principles, the UN Charter, and other international laws.

The Times and other establishment media pretend aggression is all about humanitarian intervention and democracy building, notions US and other Western ruling authorities abhor. So do their press agent media like the Times.

According to Friedman, “(t)he job of the (US) president is to…oppose any foe to ensure the survival of freedom with the fact that US interests and values still require us to remain engaged around the world in a sustainable way.”

Translation: Preemptive wars on targeted nations threatening no one are OK as long as waged by Pentagon and allied forces, the rule of law a nonissue.

Friedman: “Trump and the US military, missed the distinction between ISIS in Iraq and in Syria, and that’s because Trump and the Pentagon had put the war on terrorism on autopilot.”

Fact: The so-called global war on terrorism is a colossal hoax. It’s war OF terrorism on humanity at home and abroad, not on it.

Fact: ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups are used as US imperial foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and virtually anywhere else where the Pentagon and CIA want them deployed.

The notion of involvement by US forces in combatting ISIS is one of the biggest Big Lies about US wars of aggression.

Devastation caused by ISIS, al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra spinoff, and other jihadist groups was and continues to be orchestrated by US handlers of these elements.

ISIS wasn’t “defeat(ed)” in Iraq, Syria, or anywhere else, as Friedman falsely claimed. The group remains viable as long as US dark forces want it used to serve their interests.

Nor is any country the US attacked “stable and (enjoying) sustainable” democratic governance, another Friedman reinvention of reality about US war theaters and their aftermath.

After raping and destroying Iraq since the 1980s, killing millions of its people, survivors impoverished and immiserated, their lives shattered, their futures destroyed, Friedman arrogantly claimed “we found the right way to help Iraqis help themselves,” adding:

“Once Iraq was liberated we tried to produce the same result in Syria using Syrian Kurdish fighters.”

Fact: Reignited US war in Iraq using jihadist foot soldiers could happen any time. 

Fact: US aggression in Syria is in its 9th year with no near-term prospect for resolution because bipartisan US hardliners reject restoration of peace and stability to the shattered country.

Friedman nonsensically claimed “ISIS in Syria was operating in a completely different context than in Iraq.” 

Operating as imperial proxies, they serve the interests of their Pentagon/CIA handlers and their own wherever deployed.

These elements wouldn’t exist as anything more than lightly armed irritants if the US didn’t mass them by the tens of thousands as heavily armed, funded, trained and directed combatants — what the Times and other establishment media never explain.

Friedman supports them, saying “defeat(ing) ISIS in Syria…reduce(d) the pressure on Assad, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah and enable(d) them to devote all their resources to crushing the last moderate rebels in Idlib, not sharing power with them.”

Cutthroat killer jihadists aren’t “moderate rebels.” None exist in Syria or other US war theaters. 

All anti-government forces are cold-blooded killers, trained by US special forces and CIA operatives to commit gruesome atrocities, largely against defenseless civilians.

Kurdish YPG fighters betrayed their country, allying with jihadists against Damascus, not combatting them as falsely reported.

Friedman lied claiming otherwise, adding he “feels terrible for the Kurds…Trump let Putin win in Syria,” falsely accusing Bashar al-Assad for US-led high crimes against Syria and its people.

He turned truth on its head about nonbelligerent Iran, falsely accusing its ruling authorities of “us(ing) Syria as a platform to attack Israel.”

Like other Times pseudo-journalists, he’s so conditioned to substituting fiction for cold hard facts, he’s likely no longer able to distinguish between both. Once a serial liar, always one.

He falsely claimed Trump pulled out of Syria. Nothing of the sort happened or is planned. US forces continue illegally occupying large parts of the country’s north and south with no near-term intention of leaving.

The rest of Friedman’s propaganda piece was as deplorable as what’s discussed above — reinvented history instead of truth and full disclosure, absent in Times reports on major issues.

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