Media Support OPCW’s Novichok Poisoning of Navalny Hoax

Media Support OPCW’s Novichok Poisoning of Navalny Hoax

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russophobic establishment media were quick to jump on the Navalny novchok poisoning hoax claim by the OPCW.

“Nerve agent was used to poison Navalny, (CW) body confirms,” roared the self-styled newspaper of record NYT, adding:

“The (OPCW) finding…adds additional weight to the conclusions of (Western) laboratories…”

It “increases the likelihood that Russia, which has been accused of using a similar poison in at least one previous assassination attempt, will be punished, likely with targeted financial sanctions.”

No earlier or more recent facts on the ground connect Russia to use of chemical, nerve agent, or other banned weapons.

Claims otherwise aren’t supported by credible evidence because none exists — including about the Navalny incident.

Clearly his illness was unrelated to poisoning by novichok or other toxins. Claims otherwise are bald-faced Big Lies — continuing the pattern of irresponsible Russia bashing.

Defying reality, the Times falsely claimed “Russian authorities initially prevented his family from transporting him abroad for treatment (sic).”

Nothing of the sort occurred. For around the first 48 hours after hospitalization in Omsk, has too ill to be transported anywhere.

Heroic efforts by Russian doctors saved his life. After stabilizing his condition, they — in collaboration with German doctors — agreed that it was safe to transport him to Berlin for further treatment.

Instead of accurately explaining things, the Times invented a phony scenario to bash Russia irresponsibly — how it operates against all nations not controlled by the US.

The Times also resurrected the 2018 Skripals novichok poisoning by Russia hoax.

Left unexplained was that to this day, UK authorities never presented a shred of evidence to support their accusations — because none existed earlier or now.

Bowing to US pressure on Tuesday, 44 Chemical Weapons Convention signatories “condem(ed) in the strongest possible terms the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon in the Russian Federation on 20 August.”

Ignored was that no such incident occurred.

Last month, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service director Sergey Naryshkinm said the following:

“To say that on the territory of Russia there is production or stocks of military-grade poisons is of course disinformation.”

None exist. No evidence suggests otherwise.

Other Russophobic fake news headlines on this issue are as follow:

Washington Post: “Germany: OPCW confirms nerve agent used in Navalny poisoning (sic)” — publishing a fake news AP Report

Reuters: “Chemical weapons body confirms nerve agent Novichok in Navalny’s blood (sic)”

ABC News published the AP fake news report on this issue.

CNBC News published the Reuters fake news report.

Fox News published the AP report.

German DW News: “OPCW: Novichok found on Alexey Navalny samples (sic)”

CBC: “Alexey Navalny talks poisoning motive as chemical weapons watchdog confirms presence of novichok (sic)“

BBC: “Navalny poisoning: Kremlin critic recalls near-death Novichok torment (sic)”

Longdon Guardian: “Chemical watchdog confirms Navalny poisoned with Soviet-era nerve agent (sic)”

EuroNews: “Navalny: Chemical weapons watchdog confirms Novichok poisoning (sic)”

Al Jazeera: “Navalny blames Russian intelligence for ‘poisoning’ attack (sic)”

RadioFree Europe/RadioLiberty — part of US worldwide propaganda: “OPCW Confirms Novichok-Like Nerve Agent Used In Navalny Poisoning (sic)”

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert falsely said the OPCW report “confirms unequivocally that Aleksey Navalny was the victim of an attack with a chemical nerve agent from the novichok group (sic).”

When repeated ad nauseam, Big Lies take on a life of their own.

Navalny’s illness was unrelated to novichok.

No evidence suggests Russia had anything to do with what happened to him.

A politically insignificant figure, no motive exists for Russia wanting him harmed.

US dirty hands most likely were behind the Navalny incident — wanting Russia harmed politically, economically and strategically.

False flags are a US tradition from the mid-19th century.

The staged Navalny incident walks, talks, and quacks like the latest one.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Russia’s envoy to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin said the following in response to unjustifiably accusing the Kremlin for the Navalny incident:

“In spite of all the questionable demands we are receiving to conduct a national investigation, cooperate with the OPCW, etc., we stress that Russia does not owe anything to anybody: neither to Germany nor to other countries that categorically and groundlessly accuse Russia of poisoning Alexey Navalny,” adding:

“Until we receive documents, materials, samples, physical evidence that — as alleged by those accusing us — prove that a toxic agent was found in Alexey Navalny’s tests, until they sit down at the negotiating table with us for an engaged expert-level dialogue, we will treat everything that is going on in the context of this incident as a vociferous propaganda campaign of lies, or, simply, a low-grade provocation.”

“…Germany…needs to be the first to act and finally respond to four consecutive requests for legal assistance submitted by (Russia’s) Office of the Prosecutor General on the situation with Navalny.” 

“It is (legally) obliged to provide us with all materials that prove, according to the German side, that a crime has been committed against the Russian citizen.”

“We are gravely concerned with the way the incident” was handled.

“Finally, as the German partners have moved this issue to the Hague platform and decided to use OPCW capacities, they are obliged to cooperate with us in the framework of the (Chemical Weapons) Convention.” 

“We have sent them the corresponding request and are waiting for the substantive answer, not a formal snide response.”

“We would like to stress that Russia is fully implementing all its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

“It has eliminated all stocks of chemical weapons completely and ahead of time, destroyed respective technical equipment, is promoting the implementation of the verification regime at chemical facilities, and engaged in international cooperation towards non proliferation.”

Shulgin’s remarks reflect justifiable Kremlin anger over what’s going on.

To her shame, Angela Merkel partnered with US dark forces to falsely blame Russia for what she and other European officials know it had nothing to do with.

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