Alleged Vaxxing of High-Profile Figures on Live TV?

Staged Vaxxing of High-Profile Figures for Covid on Live TV?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Pre-Christmas on live television, Mike Pence and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director (NIAID) Anthony Fauci claimed to be vaxxed against covid.

Other prominent public and private individuals duplicating the ritual,  including Joe and Jill Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senate GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnel, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, HHS Secretary Alex Azar and NIH director Francis Collins.

Were they or were they not vaxxed for alleged protection from covid?

Obama and Bill Clinton said they’ll follow the parade. Will it be real or pretense?

Notably on live television, Fauci forgot which arm was allegedly vaxxed.

Live video showed him allegedly vaxxed on his left arm. Moments later he pointed to an area on his right arm, saying it’s where he was experiencing “injection site soreness.”

Will Fauci’s correct/allegedly vaxxed arm pease raise high above his head to set the record straight.

The FDA granted emergency use authorization for fast-tracked, experimental, inadequately tested Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines when no emergency exists. 

The agency OK’d widespread use of high-risk to human health/gene edited mRNA technology vaccines after only a few months of development.

Profiteer/cheerleader for toxic mass-vaxxing against covid Fauci operates in cahoots with Pharma for his own self-enrichment.

He’s mandated to determine causes and seek treatments for infectious, allergic and autoimmune diseases.

According to Children’s Health Defense (CHD), he’s “almost none of those things.”

Instead, he overseas a multi-billion dollar annual budget, “farm(ing)” it out to academia for drug development profit-making.

“They do the clinical studies, and then when it gets to a certain point, he sells the drug or transfers it to” a Pharma company, according to CHD.

In cahoots with them, “he splits the royalties for many of these drugs,” cashing in big.

Involved in developing thousands of patented drugs, he’s likely a millionaire many times over.

He “transformed NIAID…into (an)  incubator” for Pharma’s drug development, said CHD.

Americans use more drugs than people elsewhere, paying exorbitantly high prices — on average about double what consumers pay abroad.

It’s a scam Fauci cashes in on in cahoots with Pharma, including hazardous to human health covid vaccines too dangerous for anyone to use.

Were he and other US high-profile figures vaxxed on live television with these experimental, high-risk, harmful to human health vaccines?

Or was what viewers saw portrayed a charade to promote what too hazardous for anyone to use?

Notably, individuals with knowledge of the hazards these vaccine pose to human health would go nowhere near them.

Nor should everyone valuing their health, safety, and well-being.

It’s virtually certain that the staged parade of high-profile figures claiming to be vaxxed against covid was pretense, not real.

An alleged shot in Pence’s arm appeared not to penetrate skin.

Israel’s Netanyahu followed the same parade — allegedly vaxxed by a “doctor” who performed the ritual without protective gloves.

Throughout 2020 for medical appointments with my doctors, they all wore surgical gloves.

One of my favorites explained that he wore fresh ones for each patient, before donning them washing his hands thoroughly.

The parade of high-profile figures on national television pretending to be vaxxed with what no sensible persons would touch is part of mass promotion by government, Pharma, and mass media to promote harmful to health vaccines when used as directed.

It’s a charade, a scam that risks potential serious short and/or longer-term harm to human health.

Self-defense is a universal right. 

Use it to protect what’s too precious to lose by being a lab rat for government in cahoots with Pharma as part of a dangerous widespread experiment that’s highly to turn out badly.

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