Sanctions: Centerpiece of US War by Other Means on Invented Enemies

Sanctions: Centerpiece of US War by Other Means on Invented Enemies

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Sanctions as used by the US are economic terrorism.

They’re weapons of human immiseration by inflicting pain and suffering on populations of targeted nations.

They’re war by other means on invented enemies.

They’re used to try suffocating nations and populations into submission to Washington’s will.

They include prohibitions on the import or export of designated commercial goods, products and services related to technology, arms and munitions, restrictions on loans and credit, asset freezes, travel bans, and for other purposes.

US imposed sanctions have nothing to do with changing undesirable behavior, everything to do with pressuring, bullying, threatening, and intimidating other nations to subordinate their sovereign rights to its interests.

They’re high crimes against humanity, what core international laws ban.

UN Charter Article II prohibits nations from imposing them on other countries, entities or individuals.

Security Council members alone may take this action.

No nation may legally interfere in the internal affairs of others.

None may legally wage war by hot or other means except in self-defense if attacked.

The US ignores international, constitutional and its own statute laws, operating by its own rules exclusively, inventing them in targeting nations unwilling to bend to its interests at the expense of their sovereign rights.

When imposed, US sanctions virtually always shoots blanks.

They consistently fail to transform targeted nations into pro-Western vassal states, their main objective.

Given virtual failure when used, regardless of how many are piled on, why do US policymakers keep doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result?

What’s going on unsuccessfully is symptomatic of a nation in decline that falsely believes it can dominate other nations because things worked this way long ago.

So it’s taking its best shots short of all-out war on countries able to give as much as they take.

US sanctions are currently imposed on around 30 nations — illegally without accomplishing its aims.

The longer a failed policy continues, the greater the weakness shown.

At the same time, the US continues endless hot wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and intermittently in Iraq — perhaps intending to escalate them and/or open new fronts.

Cognitively impaired Biden is an unelected figurehead president who’s no longer able to carry out duties of any public or private office.

Surrounded by hawks who are militantly hostile to China, Russia, Iran, and other nations free from US control, endless wars by hot and other means – including sanctions and other dirty tricks — are likely to continue and escalate.

According to international relations expert Shi Yinhong, stable Sino/US relations no longer exist.

“So, there must be new strategic stability which will be achieved by being practical, sufficiently focused and through specific and important proposals, dialogues or negotiations.”

If the above is not achieved, Shi believes “there will be war,” an ominous prediction about nations able to destroy each other under a worst case scenario.

China is Washington’s main rival, a nation heading for becoming the world’s dominant economic power.

It’s already far and away the dominant Asia political, economic and military power.

Shi believes its leadership must adjust its military strategy because of the threat posed by Washington.

At the same time, he called on Beijing to pursue more stable relations with the US because confrontation between both nations is likely one day.

China must prepare for that eventuality. The same goes for Russia, Iran, and other nations free from US control.

Hegemons accept nothing less than subservience of other nations to their will.

US geopolitical strategy since WW II has been all about seeking unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its aims.

It’s been perpetually at war since preemptively attacking North Korea in June 1950.

While US war with nations able to hit back hard if attacked seems unlikely — notably against China, Russia, and/or Iran — given Washington’s imperial aims, what’s unthinkable is possible.

It’s because longtime belligerent nations like the US are beyond transformation to prioritizing peace and stability.

The notion is considered anathema in Washington.

So a state of permanent war on humanity continues with no prospect in sight of going another way.

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