CBS 60 Minutes Big Lies About Syria

CBS 60 Minutes Big Lies About Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media in the US and West are a collective lying machine.

Featuring state approved propaganda, virtually nothing they report on major domestic and geopolitical issues can be taken at face value.

It’s notably true about what benefits privileged interests at the expense of public health and well-being, absent in the West democracy as it should be, and reporting on US invented enemies.

On Sunday, CBS proved once again that 60 Minutes is a platform for sticking to the official falsified narrative on major issues.

A segment on Syria reinvented a decade of US aggression — falsely blaming President Bashar al-Assad for US war crimes on the nation and its long-suffering people.

There’s nothing remotely civil about endless US war and occupation of parts of the country that aim to eliminate Syrian sovereign independence.

In cahoots with NATO and Israel, US dark forces want the Syrian Arab Republic transformed into a pro-Western vassal state, partitioning the country for easier control, and isolating Iran at the same time.

What began in March 2011 continues endlessly with no resolution in prospect because both right wings of the US war party abhor peace, stability and the rule of law.

Preemptive war was planned by US dark forces long before the country was attacked.

So-called opposition “rebels” are cutthroat killer jihadists, recruited from scores of countries, supported by al-Qaeda-linked, Western financed White Helmets.

Their diabolical mission is unrelated to civil defense.

It’s all about backing regime change, staging CW false flags one of their tactics, wrongfully blamed on Assad. 

Tim Anderson’s book, titled “The Dirty War on Syria” is a definitive account of the conflict through the timeframe he covered, saying:

“Washington and its allies tr(ied) another ‘regime change’ in Syria.” 

“A fake ‘revolution’ uses Islamic gangs, during an ‘Arab Spring.’ The Western media constantly lie about this covert, dirty war.”

“A political reform movement is driven off the streets by Islamic violence.” 

“(The misnamed pro-Western) ‘Free Syrian Army’ slaughters minorities and government workers.”

“Saudi and Qatari backed Islamists carry out a series of massacres, falsely blaming them on the Syrian Army and President Assad.”

“Most of Syria’s opposition backs the state and army against terrorism.” 

“Washington calls a puppet exile group ‘the Syrian opposition.’ “

“Washington (using Saudis, Qatar, Turkey and Israel) backs all the armed Islamist groups, pretending (they’re) ‘moderate rebels.’ ”

“A resistance coalition rallies to Syria. Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq and Russia join the Syrian Army in destroying western backed terrorist groups.”

Syria, its people, and government are victims of US-led aggression, using ISIS, al-Nusra and other jihadists as imperial foot soldiers.

Establishment media coverage of all US wars of aggression against invented enemies reinvent them as liberating struggles.

Big Lies and mass deception substitute for truth and full disclosure.

According to reinvention of reality by 60 Minutes, overwhelmingly popular Assad was falsely called “the Syrian dictator (sic).”

A litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed — falsely blaming him for atrocities and other war crimes by US and allied forces, along with their jihadist proxies.

“Assad gassed the innocent (sic), bombed hospitals and schools (sic), and made thousands disappear (sic),” 60 Minutes falsely claimed.

The above rubbish is straight from Pentagon and CIA talking points.

They apply to the US, its imperial partners, and jihadist foot soldiers. 

Greatly aided by Russian airpower, Iranian military advisors, and Hezbollah fighters, Syrian forces liberated most of the country.

Washington’s dirty war failed. Yet it continues, including sanctions war, to immiserate long-suffering Syrians — wanting them starved and otherwise suffocated into submission.

None of the above was in the 60 Minutes report, featuring state-approved propaganda exclusively.

A segment on Ghouta was featured, a Damascus area community.

In 2013, Syrian forces were falsely accused of a CW gas attack based on fabricated evidence.

Russia learned that US supported jihadists staged the false flag incident, Assad and Syrian forces wrongfully blamed for what they had nothing to do with.

60 Minutes claimed otherwise, pushing the Big Lie, suppressing truth and full disclosure.

Its fake news report falsely claimed the following:

“The Syrian army shelled the neighborhood with internationally banned nerve gas (sic).” 

“1,400 men, women and children were exterminated (sic).” 

“Assad had chosen to meet the popular uprising (sic) against him not with diplomacy, not with war among soldiers, but with terrorism without restraint (sic).”

The above and more of the same rubbish was featured in the 60 Minutes fake news report — most viewers none the wiser about being lied to.

At the same time, horrendous crimes of war and against humanity by US forces, their imperial partners, and jihadist proxies were suppressed.

Virtually everything Assad and Syrian forces were falsely accused of applies to what was planned and implemented by US dark forces.

The above 60 Minutes rubbish is typical of how establishment media feature Big Lies and mass deception over truth-telling journalism as it should be.

Their reports are all about filling the public mind with mush while suppressing what everyone should know about the cutting-edge issues of our time.

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