Amnesty International: US Imperial Tool 3.0

Amnesty International: US Imperial Tool 3.0

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Parroting talking points of its imperial handlers and funding sources, Amnesty International (AI) fronts for powerful interests in the West.

It’s hostile toward US invented enemies, ones it attacked aggressively by hot and/or other means, including Russia.

On January 17, AI once again shamed itself by declaring phony anti-corruption activist, convicted embezzler, self-serving opportunist, CIA asset Navalny a “prisoner of conscience” after he was arrested and detained on arrival in Moscow from Berlin.

Breaching the UN Charter at the time by unlawfully meddling in Russia’s internal affairs, AI arrogantly and unacceptably demanded that its authorities “immediately and unconditionally release” Navalny — ignoring his criminality that includes serving as an unregistered foreign agent against his own country.

AI: His “arrest is further evidence that Russian authorities are seeking to silence him (sic).” 

“His detention only highlights the need to investigate his allegations that he was poisoned by state agents acting on orders from the highest levels (sic).”

The above is typical anti-Russia rubbish, much like what establishment media feature.

AI ignored that despite all the anti-Russia huffing and puffing by Germany, France, other EU countries, Brussels, and the US, not a shred of credible evidence proved the above accusations because none exists.

Yet AI further embarrassed itself, saying “Russian authorities have waged a relentless campaign against Navalny (sic).” 

“While he was recovering in Germany, the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service demanded that he immediately present himself to a probation officer or face prison for violating a non-custodial criminal sentence, which was based on politically motivated charges (sic).” 

“He has now been arrested 

for multiple violations of the probationary period.’ ” 

Las summer, he had to close his phony anti-corruption foundation because he was caught red-handed for embezzling and laundering over $15 million —obtained by criminal means for personal gain.

Sentenced to 2.8 years in prison for multiple breaches of his suspended embezzlement sentence, he got off easily.

He should also have been charged, convicted, and sentenced to longterm imprisonment for sedition and serving as an unregistered agent of one or more Western governments hostile toward Russia.

Ignoring all of the above criminality, AI defied reality by claiming that he was “deprived of his liberty for his peaceful political activism (sic) and exercising free speech (sic).”

High crimes he committed demanded accountability.

Instead of reporting what’s indisputable, AI allied with US-led anti-Russia propaganda, mocking what it claims to stand for — proving it’s an unregistered foreign agent like Navalny, fronting for US imperial interests. 

On January 25, AI partially about-faced, saying the following:

In response to discovering “hat(eful) remarks by Navalny that constitute incitement to discrimination, violence or hostility,” it retracted its prisoner of conscience designation — where it never should have gone in the first place, the action entirely for political reasons, not legitimate ones.

Admitting it “made a mistake,” it failed to make amends by apologizing to Moscow for its unacceptable vilification remarks.

Instead, it went the other way, falsely accusing Russian authorities of a “smear campaign against Navalny” — how AI operates against Moscow in cahoots with Western interests.

As for Navalny, he failed to keep his dark side under wraps.

Besides serving anti-Russia Western interests, he was earlier connected to Russia March — an ultranationalist xenophobic group hostile to immigrants and Russian Caucasus region residents.

He was seen in videos that compared these residents and migrants to “cockroaches” in promoting violence against them.

Never retracting his extremist views, he has “no regrets” about them, he said.

While in Berlin last year, he told Der Spiegel that his earlier views haven’t changed.

On issues relating to Washington’s imperial agenda, AI backs what demands opposition and condemnation.

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