No Israeli Intention to Attack Iran

No Israeli Intention to Attack Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, saber-rattling Israeli officials and/or US fake news reports falsely claim Jewish state plans or preparations being made to attack Iran militarily.

Whenever these reports surface, no military attack follows, at times cyber ones not signaled in advance.

Israel won’t dare attack Iran without US permission and involvement directly or indirectly.

Going it alone against a nation able to hit back hard again aggression would be suicidal.

In September 2019, a fake news NYT report falsely claimed that “Iran (might) unleash an attack in the Persian Gulf, Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East” in response to “hardened” Trump region policies.

No evidence was cited because none existed. Nor is there whenever Iran is falsely accused of anything.

At the time, the Times also invented a false reality by claiming that Iran “hadn’t yet made a decision to dash toward a bomb (sic),” adding:

The US is “ready to use military force to prevent Iran from getting a bomb.”

No covert or overt Iranian plans to develop a bomb existed earlier or now, what US and Israeli intelligence know, yet keep the myth of an Iranian bomb threat circulating anyway.

It’s part of their war on the country by others means, inventing an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist to justify unjustifiable toughness on the country.

In January, Israeli IDF commander Aviv Kohavi indicated that Israeli plans are being prepared to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, knowing they have no military component.

Kohavi’s remarks at the time were latest Israeli head fake saber-rattling with no intention for follow-through — nothing to give Iran a legitimate reason to hit back hard against Jewish state aggression.

On Friday, Fox News reported the following baseless threat, saying:

“The Israeli military is updating plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites and is prepared to act independently,” according to war minister Benny Gantz.

Ignoring his earlier baseless threats, Fox News quoted him saying:

“If the world stops them before, it’s very much good. But if not, we must stand independently and we must defend ourselves by ourselves (sic).”

He lied accusing Iran of intending to strike Israeli targets this year.

Aggression is what Israel does, not Iran ever. Lots more saber-rattling threats like the above are likely ahead, including from the US and EU.

Gantz saying Iran’s “nuclear aspiration must be stopped” was hollow, knowing no Iranian nuclear or other threat exists.

Yet the war minister falsely claimed that Tehran is “ breaking everything that was agreed with them (sic).”

Reality long ago debunked his Big Lie.

On Thursday, Netanyahu repeated the above Big Lie like many times before — while ignoring nuclear armed and dangerous Israel.

Jewish state “dangerous regional behavior” threatens neighboring states.

Unlike US, NATO, and Israeli contempt for peace, stability and the rule of law, Iran operates by a higher standard — prioritizing peace, threatening no one.

Separately on Friday, Iran’s UN envoy Majid Takht Ravanchi warned against hostile actions against the country based on phony pretexts, adding:

“The Israeli regime that threatens Iran on an almost daily basis, desperately attempts, through accusing Iran as well as playing victim to distract attention away from all its destabilizing acts and malign practices across the region.”

“The Israeli regime that threatens Iran on an almost daily basis, desperately attempts, through accusing Iran as well as playing victim to distract attention away from all its destabilizing acts and malign practices across the region.”

The above applies to the US and NATO, a trio of malign actors with Israel that threatens everyone everywhere.

If the US and/or Israel intended to attack Iran, it would have happened long ago.

They never did, are highly unlikely to strike Iran militarily now.

Rhetoric threatening otherwise has been head fake bluffing for many years. The same applies now.

A Final Comment

Netanyahu is reviled by many Israelis. 

For 37 straight weeks, large numbers of protesters took to the streets against him.

On March 23, Israeli legislative elections are scheduled.

According to former Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman, “belligerent remarks…against Iran” by Netanyahu and current war minister Gantz “are nothing more than a struggle to gain more votes.”

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