Stimulus Related Address by Biden’s Double

Stimulus Related Address by Biden’s Double

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Public addresses in Biden’s name are made by his double.

The real Joe Biden is too cognitively impaired to deliver them.

Nor can he carry out duties of his office — done in his name by others.

On rare occasions when appearing in public, brief remarks he makes are near-incomprehensibly mumbled and jumbled — even when trying to read from a teleprompter.

Instead of exposing and denouncing the charade, establishment media suppress it.

Commenting on Thursday’s address delivered in Biden’s name, the NYT featured its own false reality.

As part of its seasonal flu-renamed covid mass deception campaign, it pretends there’s “hope” for restoration of normality by mid-year when none exists — things likely to worsen ahead, not improve.

The address by Biden’s double (JB below) came on the anniversary of the WHO’s declaration of a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Unmentioned by the organization, the Times, and other media is that the same “pandemic” shows up annually like clockwork.

Last year was no different from previous years in terms of seasonal flu outbreaks now called covid.

The same goes for this year to date.

Media proliferated Big Lies and mass deception pretend otherwise.

What’s gone on nonstop over the past year has been the most intense ever — state-sponsored, media proliferated — health related mass-conning of the public in the US, West, Israel and elsewhere.

It’s been all-about convincing people to believe that self-inflicting harm from covid jabbing is beneficial.

The Times is in the vanguard of pretending that hazardous covid mass-jabbing is safe and effective, that the misnamed stimulus bill will “give the economy a kick (sic).”

Notably omitted in JB’s address and media reports about it was truth-telling about what’s going on and unprecedented harm it continues to cause.

Claiming JB “cit(ed) the need to tell the American people the truth” turned it on its head.

So-called “concrete steps (for) progress” don’t exist and aren’t planned.

Saying the government is “us, all of us” is defied Big Government in the US and West against ordinary being exploited, not served. 

It’s exposed by greater Main Street Depression conditions than ever before in US history with efforts to turn things around constructively not undertaken.

For the week ending March 6, another 1.2 million jobless Americans applied for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

It was the 51st straight week of around a million or more applications for help being filed — what’s unprecedented in US history.

Yet there’s nothing in the $1.9 trillion stimulus measure to stimulate economic growth by jobs creation — the chief engine for achieving it.

The above reality was unmentioned by JB and the Times. 

What’s been devastating for millions of US households wasn’t considered important enough to address.

JB (Biden’s impersonator) defied reality by falsely claiming that (pork-filled) stimulus “is about rebuilding the backbone of this country (sic).”

It’s about serving privileged interests while throwing crumbs at ordinary Americans in need.

Separately, a Times commentary m— reading like a Biden PR press release — calling him “a transformational president” is no more credible than calling a cat a dog or totalitarian USA democratic.

The Times repeated the Big Lie claim that new stimulus legislation is “is one of the most important pieces of legislation of our lifetimes (sic)” — far from it.

For ordinary Americans in need, it’s short-term equivalent of applying a bandaid over a gushing wound.

No “huge expansion of health insurance subsidies” was included at a time when Medicare for all is more essential than ever — but ruled out like always before to preserve extraordinarily high-cost marketplace medicine.

There’s nothing remotely “progressive” about Biden’s hardline agenda, what he’s always supported since the early 1970s.

The attempt by the Times to reinvent him fell flat.

There’s nothing “new” about his regime’s one-sided support for privileged interests at the expense of government serving everyone equitably.

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