Promoting and Profiting from Mass-Toxification

Promoting and Profiting from Mass-Toxification

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Founded in 1823, the Lancet calls itself “an independent, international weekly general medical journal (that) strive(s) (for) medicine (to) transform society, and positively impact the lives of people.”

Instead of fulfilling its pledge on all things covid, it’s been going the other way by promoting toxic mass-jabbing to be shunned, never used as directed.

In late April, the Lancet proved it can’t be trusted for falsely claiming the following:

Pfizer and AstraZeneca covid inoculations “have shown excellent safety and efficacy in phase 3 trials (sic).”

One in four people experienced mild, short-lived side effects, usually lasting one or two days (sic), it added.

Inoculations “decrease the risk of (covid) infection after 12 days (sic).”

Pharma-connected epidemiologist Tim Spector was quoted, saying:

“The data should reassure many people that in the real world, after effects of the (jab) are usually mild and short-lived, especially in the over 50’s who are most at risk of the infection (sic).” 

“Rates of new disease are at a new low in the UK (sic) due to a combination of social measures and  (mass-jabbing), and we need to continue this successful strategy to cover the remaining population.”

“The results also show up to 70% protection after 3 weeks following a single dose (sic), which is fantastic news for the country, especially as more people have now had their second jabs.”

Mathematician — specializing in statistical genetics — Cristina Menni defied reality by claiming that “results support the aftereffects safety of both vaccines with fewer side effects in the general population than reported in the Pfizer and AstraZeneca experimental trials and should help allay safety concerns of people willing to get” jabbed (sic).

All the above rubbish reported by the Lancet is fake news.

It’s part of relentless US-led Western mind-manipulating propaganda to get maximum numbers of unwitting people to self-inflict harm.

The Lancet allied with Western governments, their public health handmaidens, Pharma, and media press agents to all of the above in promoting what’s harmful to health, not beneficial.

There’s nothing remotely safe and beneficial from use of experimental, unapproved Pfizer/Moderna mRNA drugs or AstraZeneca/J & J vaccines for covid.

When used as directed, they risk likely irreversible harm to health or death — sooner or later.

State-sponsored coverup in the West is concealing slow-motion genocide.

According to an unnamed UK National Health Service health professional whistleblower, what’s going on is “genocide…Your children are next.”

In the US, the Pharma-connected FDA is set to OK mass-jabbing emergency use authorization for children aged 12 – 15.

If contract seasonal flu-renamed covid, their risk of serious harm or death is virtually nil.

The survival rate for flu now called covid for individuals under age-70 is 99.95% — 95% for people over age-70.

Mass-jabbing for covid should be banned. 

It’s well known that toxins in experimental covid inoculations risks serious harm, nothing beneficial.

Mass-jabbing children should be criminalized, not OK’d and promoted.

State-sponsored draconian social control and depopulation hugely benefit Pharma.

Since mass-jabbing for covid began last December, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J & J have been cashing in big on a bonanza of huge profits.

If things go as planned, the diabolical scheme will be a gift that keeps on giving.

One or two jabs aren’t enough. Plans are for perpetual mass-toxification of unwitting people annually or semi-annually worldwide.

In Q I 2021, about one-fourth of Pfizer’s pharmaceutical revenue came from jabbing with its hazardous mRNA covid drug.

For 2021, the company projects around $26 billion in revenue from covid mass-jabbing — an annual revenue stream it aims to be permanent.

Perhaps so if countless millions of mass deceived people continue to self-inflict harm — the more covid jabs taken, the greater the harm to health near-or-longer-term.

All of the above goes on while the myth of a nonexistent pandemic persists because of the power of establishment media promoted mass deception.

Followers of my writing and likeminded others on this cutting-edge issue of our time know what’s deceptively called covid is garden variety seasonal flu.

It shows up annually without perpetual mass deception fear-mongering.

Until last year, non-beneficial/potentially harmful flu shots were promoted annually.

When for the first time ever, flu disappeared last year — because it was renamed covid — draconian mandates and recommendations have effectively manipulated the public mind in the West and elsewhere to harm health instead of protecting what’s too precious to lose.

If what’s going on continues unchecked because of public ignorance, harm to health in the West and elsewhere is highly likely to be unprecedented and suppressed — so most people will remain unaware of state-sponsored genocide.

It’s unfolding in real time below the radar — Western dark forces and their media press agents convincing most people that what’s harmful and deadly is beneficial.

I’ve stressed before and it bears repeating.

No matter how many times people have been fooled before, they’re easy marks to be duped again and again and again ad infinitum.

It’s because of the power of state-sponsored/media promoted fake news, along with the failure of most people to do minimal due diligence fact-checking.

Every literate person connected online can learn the truth on most all issues that affect their rights, health, and well-being with minimal effort.

Yet most people are easily distracted by bread and circuses.

They’re putty in the hands of manipulative dark forces and their hostile to truth-telling press agents.

We’re consistently lied to and mass deceived about all important domestic and geopolitical issues.

Yet most people are too out-of-touch with reality to notice.

My personal interfacing with individuals intelligent enough to know better but fooled like most others bears out the above reality.

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