US/Western Ukraine Hypocrisy

US/Western Ukraine Hypocrisy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

In February 2014, the Obama/Biden regime’s coup d’etat transformed democratic Ukraine into a Nazified fascist dictatorship in Europe’s heartland.

In August 2017, the right-wing Cato Institute called “meddling in Ukraine’s politics” by Obama/Biden hardliners “breathtaking,” adding:

“(T)he historical record shows that Washington has meddled in the political affairs of dozens of countries—including many democracies.” 

“An egregious example occurred in Ukraine.”

“Despite his leadership defects and character flaws…President Viktor Yanukovych (was) elected in balloting that international observers considered reasonably free and fair.”

“A decent respect for democratic institutions and procedures meant that he ought to be able to serve out his lawful term as president, which would end in 2016.”

Instead, Obama/Biden ousted him for not bowing to a higher power in Washington.

Pre-coup d’etat, Russian intelligence intercepted messages between Victoria Nuland (US point person for the 2014 coup) and Obama/Biden’s envoy to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt — discussing the plot.

According to the Cato Institute, the “country that routinely touts the need to respect democratic processes and sovereignty of other nations…schem(ed) (to) remov(e) (a democratically) elected government…replacing it with officials meriting US approval.”

VP Joe Biden was Nuland’s choice to “midwife” installation and support for the coup d’etat regime.

Calling the US-orchestrated Maidan coup democracy in action was a “grotesque distortion” of reality.

The Obama/Biden regime flagrantly breached the UN Charter and US Constitution by “orchestrat(ing) (forceful) political (change) in another country—especially one on the border of another great power,” said the Cato Institute, adding:

“(T)he the force of America’s moral outrage (against Russia and other independent nations) is vitiated by the stench of US hypocrisy.”

For over seven years, Ukraine has been a festering sore along Russia’s border.

A state of US-orchestrated and directed forever war exists by its puppet regime against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass.

Preemptive cross-border shelling occurs daily, civilians in harm’s way killed or injured. Thousands perished since April 2014.

According to Western propaganda, Russia and Donbass are responsible for Kiev’s cross-border aggression.

Last week, the Russophobic NYT falsely accused Moscow of “intimidat(ing)” Ukraine (sic).

It lied claiming Vladimir Putin seeks control of a country Russia considers “within its sphere of influence (sic).”

The Times quoted The Economist’s reinvention of reality, falsely claiming:

Russia is “the single most prolific stoker of instability on Europe’s borders (sic), and arguably the most energetic troublemaker in rich democracies (sic), funding extremist parties (sic), spreading disinformation and discord (sic).”

The above describes how the US and its imperial partners operate — what’s polar opposite Russia’s way.

Separately, the Times pretended that Ukraine has to “prepar(e) for all-out war with (nonbelligerent) Russia” threatening no one.

No possibility of war by Russia on Ukraine exists unless initiated preemptively by Biden regime hardliners directly and/or by using Kiev proxies.

The Biden regime even got the Vatican to bash Russia — to its shame.

Ignoring daily preemptive cross-border shelling of Donbass by Ukrainian forces — its freedom fighters responding in self-defense, their UN Charter right — Russophobic Vatican propaganda said the following:

“(A)t least two (Kiev) soldiers were killed and another wounded in recent days in clashes between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed separatists…at least 36…this year,” adding:

Kiev “and the West expressed alarm (sic).”

Donbass forces “have been fighting Ukraine since 2014 (sic).”

“Russia…fueled…tensions…by massing troops and large-scale military exercises near its border with Ukraine (sic).”

Blinken and Ukrainian puppet president Zelensky accused Moscow of “aggression (sic).”

No Russian “annexation” of Crimea occurred.

The above reinvention of reality was likely based on talking points supplied by the Biden regime’s State Department to papal authorities.

In Christmas eve remarks last December, Pope Francis promoted harm to health by expressing support for hazardous covid mass-jabbing.

Calling for “vaccines for all,” he defied reality by claiming that what doesn’t protect and risks irreversible harm is “morally acceptable.”

Is the Bishop of Rome on Pharma’s payroll? 

Who better to promote its toxins than a figure with over a billion followers worldwide.

Organized religion notoriously goes where it doesn’t belong, notably the papacy.

Time and again, it irresponsibly meddles in politics, siding with wealth, power and privilege — no matter the harm to health, safety and well-being.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about hazardous covid jabs.

Promoting them is a crime against humanity.

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