No Letup in US Fake News Russia Bashing

No Letup in US Fake News Russia Bashing

by Stephen Lendman

Establishment media never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to set the record straight on all things Russia and other US invented enemies.

No evidence suggests Russian involvement in cyber-attacking any nations —what US, NATO, Israeli regimes do repeatedly.

Yet Biden regime hardliners and their media press agents falsely accuse Moscow of things it had nothing to do with, including cyberattacks.

On Wednesday, the NYT reported an alleged cyberattack on the Republican National Committee “linked to Russia” — the phony accusation refuted by the RNC.

The same goes for falsely linking Russia to alleged cyber/ransomware attacks on other US targets.

Yet on Wednesday, Biden’s double said he’ll “deliver” a regime response to Vladimir Putin for the above no evidence links to Russia — or any other nations free from US hegemonic control.

Days earlier, the Times claimed US and UK “intelligence agencies…exposed (fake) details of what they called a global effort by Russia’s military intelligence organization to spy on government organizations, defense contractors, universities and media companies (sic).”

Like time and again when accusations like above surfaced earlier, no evidence accompanied them because none exists.

Russia and other nations on the US target list for regime change are falsely accused of all sorts of things time and again.

It’s in stark contrast to US, NATO, Israeli war on humanity with no letup in prospect.

Despite no Russian involvement in cyberattacks on US target, the $200 billion man Bezos-owned and controlled WaPo called for the Biden regime to “give Putin an ultimatum (sic),” adding:

It “must…demand (that) Putin…stop” what Moscow has nothing to do with or face more illegal “sanctions on the Russian economy.”

The WSJ falsely accused Moscow of “nonstop cyberattacks on US infrastructure (sic).”

On Wednesday, its editors reported their long ago debunked litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia, saying:

“Putin…spent his time in power invading neighbors (sic), meddling in Western elections (sic), cheating on arms-control agreements (sic) —and allowing cyber attacks against the US (sic).”

All of above and much more apply to how hegemon USA and its imperial partners operate, clearly not Russia.

Saber-rattling Journal editors claimed that the Biden regime has “no choice (sic)” but toughness in dealing with Russia, falsely adding:

Otherwise “it will be open season on America’s digital infrastructure (sic).”

According to Politico fake news, “Russian cybercriminals’ latest massive ransomware attack (sic) is placing new pressure on (the Biden regime) to follow through on (its) promise to make Moscow pay” for what it had nothing to do with.

No matter. Congressional Russophobes called for “deterrence.”

White House press secretary Psaki suggested “action” is coming by the Biden regime ahead.

Other fake news headlines on this issue were as follows:

CBS (fake) News: “Russia-linked hackers targeting hundreds of US and European entities (sic), new advisory warns”

AP News: “Latest hack (sic) to test (Biden regime’s) vow for consequences for Russia”

Reuters: “Russian hackers (sic) are abusing VPNs to hijack accounts, US and UK officials say (sic)”

MSNBC: “Russia and Russian-based hacks invite response from Biden (sic)”

UK-owned and controlled BBC: “Russia hacking claims pose challenge for Biden (sic)”

Separately on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov warned about possible US-orchestrated protests ahead of  Russian lower house State Duma September 19 election, adding:

“It is not ruled out that…we will see new attempts to shake, destabilize the situation, to provoke protests, preferably violent protests, as the West is in the habit of doing.” 

“A campaign for the non-recognition of our elections will probably follow.” 

“Such plans do exist and we know about them.” 

“But we will be guided first of all by the position, opinion of our people who are well able to assess the actions of the authorities and speak out about how they want to develop the country further on.”

US/West-“hatched scenarios will never be implemented.”

Vladimir “Putin has repeatedly stressed it.” 

“His last warning to those who is seeking to speak with us in such a manner was voiced in his state-of-the-nation address when he said that organizers of any provocations against us would regret it afterwards.”

Dominant US/Western hardliners want Russia weakened, undermined and controlled.

According to Lavrov, their attempts to influence and undermine Russian domestic and geopolitical policies occur “nearly every day, (using an) arsenal of instruments” in pursuing their diabolical aims.

There are “no limits” to how far they may be willing to go.

Since Russia’s lost 1990s decade under US/Western control, its achievements under Vladimir Putin include “preservation of civil peace, consolidation of society around moral values of Russia’s peoples, respect to the memory of our forefathers and their exploits, defense of our homeland’s freedom and independence, and upbringing of the youth in the spirit of the continuity of generations,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“Russia’s foreign policy course approved by President Putin has a long-term, strategic nature…” 

“(T)his is our competitive edge…” 

It “helps boost our country’s authority in the world, strengthens its image as a reliable, predictable, strong and fair partner, a partner who keeps its word and deserves trust.” 

Russia has cooperative relations with nations in Eurasia, Latin America, Africa, and elsewhere, including with close allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the BRICS, Lavrov explained.

These nations represent over 80% of the world’s population at a time when Russia is gaining friends and allies while hegemon USA and its Western partners are declining.

Separately, Lavrov slammed phony US accusations of “hacking attacks,” adding:

Russia got no Biden regime response to its “numerous requests” for working cooperatively on “address(ing) specific issues and real problems instead of artificial ones.”

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