State-Sponsored, Media Supported Pack of Lies

State-Sponsored, Media Supported Pack of Lies

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon minced no words, saying everything officially reported about flu/covid is “a pack of lies.”

They’re bald-faced Big Lies intended to mind-manipulate maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm — a reality vital to stress and repeat.

Since garden variety flu underwent a US/Western name change to covid last year — as part of a state-sponsored, media proliferated mass deception campaign — the public has been carpet-bombed daily with health/freedom-destroying mandates and recommendations. 

Yeadon is one of thousands of truth-telling medical and scientific experts on all things flu/covid.

No such thing as “asymptomatic transmission” or “variants” exists, he stressed, adding:

“There’s…a terrific peer-reviewed journal (of medicine) article showing that domestic transmission in asymptomatic cases was effectively zero.”

All flu/covid variants are alike, differences among them too minor to matter, Yeadon explained.

“I can show several good quality papers demonstrating that T-cells from a convalescent person or an immunized person each recognize all the then-available variants, again, as anticipated by fundamentals of immunology.” 

Fake news “twaddle…about antibodies is risible.”

Elements claiming flu/covid jabs are safe and effective are lying “bastards.”

Proliferated claims about a delta and newest lambda scariant are bald-faced Big Lies with a diabolical aim in mind — depopulation by health-destroying flu/covid jabs.

More Yeadon straight talk below.

According to CDC data on Friday, flu/covid jabs from last December through July 9 caused over 463,000 adverse events, including nearly 11,000 deaths.

Officially reported data represent a minuscule tip of far greater numbers.

In the US alone to date, millions were harmed, many seriously, thousands already dead from jabs designed to destroy health — not protect and preserve it as falsely claimed by the Biden regime, its chief medical charlatan Fauci, other public health handmaidens, and their press agent media.

Yeadon explained that “(w)e have (CDC) VAERS (data in the US), (Britain’s) Yellow Card (system, and the EU’s European Medicines Agency) EMA monitoring” of adverse events — that exclude the vast majority of injuries and deaths from flu/covid jabs.

“We have mechanisms of toxicity. We have multiple open letters to EMA (warning of blood clots) which were immediately followed by vaccine withdrawals (because blood clots)” are potentially fatal.

Mass-jabbing pregnant women is all killing fetuses.

“No one in their right mind thinks giving experimental (flu/covid jabs) to pregnant women is other than reckless,” Yeadon stressed.

Evidence shows “a very disturbing concentration” of toxins in ovaries of jabbed women — what establishment media reports ignore.

Mass-jabbing promoters “need locking up,” said Yeadon.

“(W)arrants (should be issued for) their arrest.”

“(C)riminal prosecutions” should follow.

What’s going on in the US/West is mass “deception of unprecedented proportions, and crimes committed against humanity on (an unparalleled) scale.”

Separately, longtime advocate of a hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)-zinc protocol for treating flu/covid safely and effectively Dr. Vladimir Zelenko called pushers of toxic jabs, health passports, and other draconian measures “sociopaths.”

He called use of HCQ or ivermectin and zinc a “cure for (state-sponsored, media promoted) tyranny.”

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