Biden Regime Planning Intervention in Cuba?

Biden Regime Planning Intervention in Cuba?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

International, constitutional, and US statute laws never interfere with its diabolical aim to control other nations, their resources and populations by brute force if other methods fail.

Biden regime orchestrated protests in Cuba were likely prelude for tougher tactics to follow — with regime change in mind.

Biden’s impersonator suggested it. So did interventionist Blinken, including on Friday, saying:

The Biden regime will “continue” to impose (illegal US) sanctions on Cuba along with other hostile actions. 

Defying reality, he falsely claimed that actions taken and planned aim to help “the Cuban people” — ignoring harm from over six decades of illegally imposed US embargo on the country.

Biden regime and congressional hardliners are allied in wanting Cuba transformed into a US vassal state.

Miami mayor Suarez called for military intervention.

Aggression on the island state and its people is supported by some hostile to peace Republicans and Dems.

Asked if he supports Pentagon airstrikes on Cuba, GOP Senator Tom Cotton said “no comment.”

GOP Senator Rick Scott urged the Biden regime to “take decisive action” against Cuba.

Dem Rep. Kathy Castor called for a “peaceful transfer of power.”

Regime change in Cuba supporter, Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat, urged the Biden regime “to intervene to protect the Cuban people (sic),” adding:

“We do it knowing the consequences, but the bloodshed will be much greater if that doesn’t happen (sic).”

Dem NJ state senator/Union City mayor Brian Stack called for military intervention in Cuba, saying:

“We should’ve been in Cuba many many years ago…No doubt about it…We have a great opportunity now (sic).”

His NJ counterpart Nicholas Sacco — N. Bergen mayor/state senator — together with mayors Wayne Zitt and Gabriel Rodriguez — called for “Cuban liberation (sic).”

“If it takes the force and strength of the US, it should be used to free those people,” Sacco roared.

Short of urging military intervention, Dem Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Robert Menendez called for “challeng(ing)” Cuba’s government.

Days after Biden regime orchestrated protests in Cuba, son of a Cuban immigrant Senator Marco Rubio said: “We have to act now.”

Former Bill and Hillary Clinton crime family secretary of state Madeleine Albright once infamously said:

“What’s the point of having this superb military (we’re) always talking about if we can’t use it?”

On Thursday, the American Conservative (AM) headlined:

“Congressional Republicans Seek To Give Biden War Powers For Cuba,” saying:

“West Virginia GOP Rep. Alex Mooney is planning to introduce a new congressional joint resolution to grant” the Biden regime “war powers” — on the phony pretext of enabling “delivery (of humanitarian aid to) Cubans.”

It’s been blocked since Washington’s illegal 1962 embargo.

Yet AM dubiously claimed that “(t)he Authorization for the Use of Military Forces Against Cuba to Ensure the Delivery of Humanitarian Aid (sic)” calls for what the vast majority of congressional members oppose.

According to Mooney’s office, he hasn’t introduced legislation on Cuba with any aims in mind.

Days earlier, Senator Rick Scott and other congressional members met with Amazon, Facebook, Google, Verizon, and wireless communications trade association CTIA representatives on connecting Cubans online to US propaganda.

AM said it contacted Scott’s office to comment on the above but got no response so far.

On Friday, denounced new Biden regime sanctions on Cuba, saying:

“With the same hatred directed for years against the Cuban people and its Revolution, the US (regime) is now calling for the destruction and death of an entire people,” adding:

“Representatives of the anti-Cuban right wing are demanding that (the Biden regime) take concrete action against Cuba, including the option of ‘military intervention.’ ”

GOP Rep. Maria Elvira called for “intervention now.”

Congressional members are “collecting signatures demanding that the White House fulfill this criminal objective.”

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla denounced “unfounded and slanderous (Biden regime) sanctions,” more of the same to come.

On Friday while meeting with Maintenance Enterprise workers involved in stabilizing electricity generation, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel stressed that “the Revolution will always be on the people’s side.”

“Everything the Revolution does is for the people” — in stark contrast to exploitation, repression, and aggression by US/Western regimes.

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