US Afghan War Over?

US Afghan War Over?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Will the sun henceforth rise in the West and set in the East?

All nations free from US control are on its target list for regime change, no exceptions — especially resource rich and strategically located ones like Afghanistan.

Preemptive Bush/Cheney war on the country had nothing to do with bin Ladin, nothing to do with a Taliban threat that didn’t exist and doesn’t now.

It was and remains all about wanting control of its territory for use against China, Russia and Iran.

It’s to plunder its vast resources and profit hugely from opium cultivation used for producing heroin.

It’s about wanting oil and gas pipelines built from the landlocked Caspian Basin to warm water ports in the south — without crossing Russian or Iranian territory.

It’s about seeking unchallenged control over planet earth, its resources and populations.

State-sponsored 9/11 was a long planned in advance pretext for waging forever wars for maximum wealth and power.

Throughout the post-WW II period, US wars were preemptive with these aims in mind.

Waged against nonbelligerent nations threatening no one, US aggression against North Korea was prelude for what followed — escalating to war on humanity at home and abroad post-9/11.

The business of hegemon USA is forever wars, peace and stability considered anathema notions.

What began against Afghanistan in early October 2001 continues by hot and other means with no end of it in prospect.

Departure of Pentagon troops from the country falls short of what a “historic moment” should be because of diabolical US aims remaining unchanged.

Covert CIA operatives, hired gun paramilitaries, and US/Western private military contractors remain in the country with regaining full control in mind.

While Afghanistan regained its sovereign independence, the scourge of US imperial designs on its territory remains an ominous threat.

On Monday, US CENTCOM commander General Kenneth McKensie “announce(d) the completion of…withdraw(ing)” Pentagon troops from Afghanistan.

Celebratory gunfire in Kabul ignored continued threats to the nation and its people posed by US imperial aims. 

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, prematurely said “(w)e do not have any doubt that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a free and sovereign nation,” adding:

Afghans “will protect our freedom, independence and Islamic values.”

In 1776, Benjamin Franklin warned America’s founders about a new “republic, if you can keep it.” 

What was established at the time no longer exists. 

Franklin’s warning applies on steroids to today’s Afghanistan.

Hegemon USA never voluntarily relinquishes control over what it seeks to maintain.

On Monday, Security Council members adopted an unacceptable resolution that calls for safe departure of Afghans and foreign nationals seeking to leave the country — Russia and China abstaining.

According to Kremlin UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia, Moscow abstained “because the authors of the draft ignored (its main) concerns,” adding:

The text showed US/Western “unwillingness to recognize the obvious and an inclination to divide terrorists into ‘ours’ and ‘theirs.’ ”

“Attempts to downplay threats emanating from these groups are unacceptable.”

Russia also rejected what Nebenzia called “the unacceptability and negative impacts of evacuati(ing) highly qualified (Afghan) personnel (needed in the country to address its) socio-economic situation.” 

A “brain drain” will compromise efforts “to achieve sustainable development goals.” 

“These elements that are vital for the Afghan people were not reflected in the text of the resolution.”

Its US/Western “authors ignored our proposal to have the document state the adverse effects that freezing of Afghan financial assets ha(s) on the economic and humanitarian situation in the country…” 

Nor did it “mention that humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan must comply with UN guiding principles, stipulated in UNGA resolution 46/182.”

Russia “sees attempts to shift responsibility for (devastation caused by US/NATO aggression) in Afghanistan to the Taliban (and regional) states (that must) deal with” its aftermath. 

“Such irresponsible behavior of the Western coalition and its attitude to developments in Afghanistan are (un)surprising…”

Time and again, people of nations raped and destroyed by US-led aggression must address conditions without Western help.

“Russia consistently stands for a peaceful, safe, and stable Afghanistan with no terrorist or drug threat coming from its territory,” Nebenzia stressed, adding: 

“We will continue assisting Afghans in pursuing this goal.”

Hegemon USA and its partners will no doubt go all-out to undermine it.

That’s how the scourge of US imperialism operates — what threatens all nations wanting to live free from its control.

Facing daunting challenges from Washington’s aim to retain control of the country, Afghanistan’s liberating struggle has miles to go with no end of it in sight.

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