US/EU Involvement in Arming and Training Ukrainian Troops for Warmaking

Since the Obama/Biden regime replaced democratic governance in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny by coup d’etat over seven years ago, a virtual state of forever war has existed by the US-colonized country against Donbass along Russia’s border.

In 2014, the so-called Ukraine Freedom Support Act (UFSA) authorized US lethal and non-lethal aid to Kiev for perpetual warmaking. 

Since installing fascist rule in Europe’s heartland, Pentagon and CIA elements have been funding, arming, training and directing Ukrainian forces for war, not peace — operating as virtual US proxy foot soldiers.

At Washington’s direction, Kiev breached Minsk I and II conflict resolution principles its regime agreed to observe.

A state of undeclared war exists on Donbass near Russia’s border with no prospect of turning a page for peace.

On October 3, Germany’s Welt am Sonntag reported the following from a European External Action Service policy paper supplied to the broadsheet, saying:

An EU “military mission (to Ukraine) would underscore the visibility and commitment to the countries of the Eastern Partnership initiative,” adding:

The mission would “be an expression of solidarity with (fascist) Ukraine in view of the ongoing military activities of Russia on the borders with Ukraine (sic) and in the illegally annexed Crimea (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite the above Big Lies — falsely claimed by the US, supported by its European colonies.

Russophobic EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell supports more greatly supplying Kiev’s military with heavy weapons and training for perpetual war on Donbass.

No Russian annexation of Crimea occurred, no involvement of warmaking by its military in Europe’s heartland.

Last week, Moscow’s outgoing lower house State Duma international committee chairman Leonid Slutsky said the following:

“If it comes to the deployment of an EU military training mission to Ukraine, it will give rise to numerous questions,” adding: 

“Who will European instructors ‘teach’ against and who will be their ‘pupils’ ”?

“Hiding behind the mythical ‘Russian aggression’ (hoax), they may turn Ukraine into a testing ground for new armed provocations against Russia much to the delight of all sorts of Russophobes.”

“If Europe were really concerned about Ukraine’s security, European officials should have drawn attention to the ongoing conflict in Donbass and Kiev’s (flagrant breach) of Minsk (I and II) agreements.”

“Western partners should bear in mind that as a sovereign state, Russia has the right to conduct drills on its own territory to maintain its army’s combat readiness.” 

“Moscow violates no international commitments and any attempts to use it as a justification of the deployment of military missions in neighboring countries will look like an invention.”

“They should better focus their efforts on peaceful goals (instead of) push(ing) Ukrainian authorities to escalate conflict in the southeast” along Russia’s border. 

So-called EU “solidarity with Ukraine amid Russia’s (legal) activities” in its own territory reflects how bloc countries and Brussels ally with forever US war on humanity.

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