UNICEF: Thousands Dying Monthly from Flu/Covid Related Policies

According to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), draconian flu/covid related policies are responsible for the deaths of around 10,000 Black children monthly — besides countless others worldwide.

Half or more of Black fatalities are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Another 550,000 children are “wasting” away each month from flu/covid restrictions that contribute to health-destroying malnutrition.

Days earlier, a UNICEF press release said the following:

“Without urgent action, the global number of children suffering from wasting could reach almost 54 million over the course of the year.” 

“This would bring global wasting to levels not seen this millennium.”

Because of flu/covid related restrictions and related draconian policies, “children have spent indelible years of their lives away from family, friends, classrooms, play – key elements of childhood itself,” adding:

“The impact is significant, and it is just the tip of the iceberg.”

All things flu/covid “has taken (an enormous) toll” on the health and well-being of children, especially the underprivileged worldwide.

Around “1.6 billion suffered some loss of education.”

“The disruption to routines, education, recreation, as well as concern for family income and health (left) many young people feeling afraid, angry, and concerned for their future.”

Along with physical harm from toxic jabs where administered, they’re suffering from mental disorders that include “ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, depression, eating disorders, intellectual disability, and schizophrenia, can significantly harm children and young people’s health, education, life outcomes, and earning capacity.”

According to a London School of Economics report, harm to children that causes disability or death comes at a cost of about $390 billion annually.

The state the world’s children is always dismal for the great majority worldwide, notably since seasonal flu was diabolically renamed covid.

Health-destroying policies pushed by Fauci and likeminded fraudsters bear much responsibility for dire conditions that threaten billions of people worldwide — including physical and emotional harm to children.

According to UNICEF executive director Henrietta Fore:

Since flu/covid cases were reported last year, “repercussions of the (invented) pandemic…caus(ed) (infinitely) more harm to children than the” viral illness that shows up every year like clockwork.

Since last year, “poverty and food insecurity…increased” by design, especially in Sub-Saharan African nations and others where the majority of their people are deeply impoverished and ill-served.

Fore explained that flu/covid instituted policies greatly disrupted essential service and supply chains.

Prices of food and other essentials rose dramatically, including in the US.

As a result, “the quality of children’s diets has gone down (as) malnutrition rates” soared for countless millions of children worldwide, said Fore.

How many children will die from draconian flu/covid related policies ahead?

How many quickly or by slowly wasting away?

How many in the US and other developed countries?

How much longer will Fauci and likeminded monsters be tolerated without accountability for their unparalleled high crimes against humanity?

How many will suffer and die as long as what they push continues unobstructed?

Along with funding needed from developed countries to feed the world’s hungry and malnourished, all-out efforts to halt toxic mass-jabbing are crucial to stop poisoning countless millions of people on the phony pretext of protecting their health.

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