AMA Medical Tyranny: Part II

The American Medical Association long ago lost credibility.

Instead of prioritizing known safe and effective protocols alone for treating illness, profits over all else matters most.

In cahoots with Pharma profiteers on all things flu/covid, the AMA pushes kill shots to destroy health over what’s known to safely and effectively treat and cure the viral illness.

Its websites is infested with health-destroying bald-faced Big Lies.

Defying science, it falsely said the following:

“The evidence around (jabs) is abundantly clear (sic).”

They’re “by far the best way for your patients to protect themselves and their loved ones from severe complications of” flu/covid (sic).

Reality is the other way around.

Toxic kill shots irreversibly harm health.

The Pharma-linked AMA lied claiming otherwise — with maximum profiteering at the expense of protecting and preserving health in mind.

It lied claiming that “99% of deaths linked to (flu/covid) — and the vast majority of those with severe symptoms that require hospitalization—have come among patients who were not fully” jabbed (sic).”

Reality is more the other way around.

A significant majority of flu/covid outbreaks, severe cases, hospitalizations and deaths were among individuals jabbed for flu/covid protection not gotten — their health irreversibly harmed instead.

More Big Lies followed, the AMA falsely claiming the following:

FDA/CDC approval of (toxic DNA-altering) mRNA jabs was “a landmark event in science (sic).”

Falsely calling kill shots “safe (and) effective,” the AMA lied calling that they’re “our best chance to bring this pandemic (that doesn’t exist except among the jabbed) to an end.”

The agency “strongly oppose(s) the ordering, prescribing, or dispensing of (known safe and effective) ivermectin to prevent or treat” flu/covid.

It demeaned use of known safe and effective hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for treating and curing the viral illness in support of toxic kill shots.

It lied claiming that these protocols do “not show a clear (beneficial) effect on (flu/covid) mortality” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

It called for “an immediate end to the prescribing, dispensing, and use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of” flu/covid.

It pressured “physicians, pharmacists, and other prescribers…to warn patients against the use of ivermectin.”

As earlier explained, the Pharma-linked organization endorsed freedom-destroying health passports, saying:

Its so-called House of Delegates “encourages the development of clear, strong, universal and enforceable federal guidelines for the design and deployment of digital (jabbing) credentialing services (DVCS)” — aka health “passports.”

The Pharma-controlled FDA and CDC issued advisories against use of ivermectin and HCQ.

Defying science, they failed to authorize and approve them for treating flu/covid.

The AMA falsely claimed that when used as directed, these (known safe and effective protocols) “ha(ve)  been demonstrated to be harmful to patients” — another bald-faced Big Lie.

In cahoots with US/Western dark forces, their anti-public health handmaidens and Pharma, the AMA is a mortal enemy of responsible medicine and healthcare as it should be provided.

Will the debauched organization push to restrict or ban use of ivermectin, HCQ and other known safe and effective protocols for treating and curing flu/covid?

Approved for human use, will AMA medical tyranny call for reversing their approval to make them unavailable at pharmacies?

Representing only about 12% of practicing physicians, the (anti-public health) AMA receives generous federal and Pharma funding.

If the organization succeeds in getting ivermectin and other known safe and effective protocols for treating and curing flu/covid banned for this purpose or made unavailable altogether, the health and lives of countless numbers of people will be gravely harmed.

Is that where things are heading?

Will diabolical US dark forces ban use of these protocols?

Will health-destroying jabs alone be authorized for protection against flu/covid not gotten because their toxins destroy what’s too precious to use?

The nation I grew up in long ago no longer exists.

Tyranny on a fast track toward becoming full-blown replaced it.

Resist or perish are the only options.

The obvious choice needs no elaboration.

A Final Comment

Truth-telling analysts John and Nisha Whitehead stressed that “mayhem, madness and monsters” reflect the tenor of the times.

“(A)n authoritarian beast” stalks us.

Its modus operandi is “power grab(bing), brutality, meanness, inhumanity, immorality, greed, corruption, debauchery and tyranny.”

The above and more of the same defines how diabolical US/Western regimes operate.

At war on humanity worldwide, their agenda includes mass-extermination of unwanted people, along with destroying what remains of free and open societies — replacing them with ruler/serf tyranny.

Their heart of darkness agenda is what the worst of all possible worlds is all about.

Their demonic evil is too hardened to reverse. 

Popular revolution is the only solution. Nothing else can save us.

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