Biden Regime Conflicts on Multiple Fronts

Besides war on humanity with mass-extermination and destruction of freedom in mind, dominant Biden regime hardliners are pushing things toward greater confrontation with multiple countries.

In the Middle East, nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran is targeted.

It’s because of longstanding US rage to transform the country into a subservient vassal state.

Ahead of resumed JCPOA talks going nowhere, the Biden regime imposed new illegal sanctions on the country.

On Wednesday, it co-sponsored a hostile UN General Assembly draft resolution.

Denouncing it, Islamic Republic deputy UN envoy Zahra Ershadi said the following:

Addressing invented Iranian human rights abuses that don’t exist, she justifiably slammed US-led politicized Big Lies and distortions that turn reality about the country on its head.

It “unmasks deliberate” US hostility toward Iran for its freedom from hegemonic control — its legitimate refusal to subordinate its sovereign rights to a foreign power.

It ignores US war on humanity at home and abroad throughout its history — including extermination of its native people and enslavement of Black Africans.

Co-sponsor Israel can’t be taken seriously, Ershadi stressed.

Its ruling regimes commit the highest of high crimes against defenseless Palestinians and cross-border against invented enemies.

“(T)he draft resolution on Iran has nothing to do with human rights,” she explained.

It’s all about US-led forever war on Iran by illegal sanctions, cyberattacks, targeted killings and other hostile actions with no prospect for changing what’s gone on since the country’s liberating 1979 revolution.

Separately, while the Biden regime withdrew combat troops from Afghanistan, it continues to wage proxy war on the country and its people by freezing the nation’s assets, banning IMF/World Bank aid, along with orchestrating and directing terrorist attacks by ISIS foot soldiers it controls.

On Wednesday before Security Council members, head of the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan Deborah Lyons said ISIS jihadists infest most of the country, adding:

“Once limited to a few provinces and (Kabul, they’re) present in nearly all provinces and (are) increasingly active.”

So far this year, its jihadists carried out 334 attacks, an average of more than one daily — compared to 60 in 2020.

Her remarks came hours after two more attack in Kabul.

One blast killed five civilians, wounding others.

A second one caused at least a dozen casualties, including five deaths.

Reportedly, one detonation was from a magnetic mine attached to a passenger car.

Taliban security forces are going all-out to combat the scourge of US-supported ISIS.

Despite what’s going on, Lyons admitted that security in the country improved over lack of it during years of illegal US occupation.

Commenting on the threat posed by US-controlled ISIS, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following:

“We are concerned about ongoing terrorist activity in (Afghanistan), and we strongly condemn (repeated jihadist) attacks” — perpetuating instability over the other way around.

Because of dire socio-economic conditions caused by years of US-led NATO aggression, she stressed the urgency of large-scale “international humanitarian” aid.

On Wednesday, Russian envoy to Afghanistan Dmitry Zhirnov said Moscow arranged for special flights to deliver humanitarian aid to the country and its people.

Separately on Wednesday, Zakharova slammed US-dominated NATO countries for flagrantly breaching Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements by continuing to supply Kiev with heavy weapons for endless war on Donbass, stressing:

“Kiev’s warmongering receives support from the (Biden regime) and its NATO allies.” 

“They are stepping up efforts to increase their presence in Ukraine and in the Black Sea region” militarily.

NATO countries say they’re “ready to move extra contingents to Ukraine…”

Ignored is that Minsk I and II require pullout of all military units, equipment and mercenaries from Ukraine under OSCE observation.

Kiev and US-dominated NATO have flagrantly breached Minsk I and II agreements since adopted in September 2014 and February 2015 respectively.

The US and imperial partners held an unscheduled saber-rattling military exercise in the Black Sea days earlier.

“It was a provocation staged in pursuit of an obvious aim — to send a message to Kiev that its aggressi(on) (on Donbass) enjoys (US/NATO) support, Zakharova stressed.

Like its predecessors since 2014, the Biden regime and Western partners use Ukraine as an instrument of forever war in Europe’s heartland along Russia’s borders.

It’s part of hegemon USA’s longstanding war on Russia by other means.

The same applies to what’s ongoing against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Belarus because it’s free from US control and closely allied with Moscow.

According to the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission, US-colonized Ukraine committed about 6,000 ceasefire violations in October against Donbass, over 8,000 so far this month, Zakharova explained, adding:

“The Ukrainian military systematically bombards civilian infrastructure in Donbass…”

It’s targeting gas, power and water supply facilities, along with residential areas and educational facilities.

Kiev’s aggression has been going on since April 2014 — killing or wounding civilians in harm’s way, including women and children. 

Numbers of reconnaissance drone flights increased significantly. 

What’s ongoing suggests that the puppet Zelensky regime is preparing for escalated aggression — perhaps to include invasion of Donbass.

What’s been going on for over seven years reflects US aggression by using Kiev proxy forces to continue a permanent state war and instability along Russia’s borders.

Pushing things too far could spread conflict cross-border into Russian territory by accident or design.

Days earlier, Russian upper house Federation Council Deputy Speaker Konstantin Kosachev said the following:

“Given a sharp reduction in communication channels between Russia and NATO, instigators such as Ukraine and Georgia can really flare up tensions and give rise to dangerous incidents.”

The presence of hostile Pentagon forces in the region sends dangerous signals to authorities in Kiev, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania “whose sanity is subject to reasonable doubt.”

Provocative actions by hegemon USA and its subservient partners is their “signature style (of operating) along our southern borders.”

Separately, Belarusian reported the following:

“A book chronicling crimes committed against refugees on the Belarus-Poland border will be published in Belarus, Belarusian Znanie society’s chairman Vadim Gigin explained, saying: 

“We are planning to publish a book documenting crimes against refugees that are committed at the border.” 

“The Belarus Publishing House has kindly agreed to take part in this project.”

“Despite the fact that all these tragic events are widely covered in the media, the Belarus Publishing House decided to get involved in this project,” its director Sergey Peshin explained, adding:

“There are two main reasons for that. Although books cannot convey information as fast as television, radio and newspapers, they have a number of other advantages.”

“One of the main ones is that in the format of a book, we can present these events as widely as possible, shine more light on all the cause-and-effect relations, the root causes and then people will get a better understanding of why we have these people on the Polish border today, who they are, what their destinies are, what events preceded this, what led to this disaster.”

Decades of US-dominated NATO wars bear full responsibility for mass slaughter, vast destruction and displacing millions of victims in targeted countries — some internally, others cross-border.

No ambiguity about the above exists — worsened by endless US/NATO aggression with no prospect for restoration of peace and stability.

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