Chavismo Triumphant in Venezuela

Since Hugo Chavez’s overwhelming triumph over US-installed fascist despotism in December 1998 — taking office weeks later — Venezuelans have had real democracy in stark contrast to US/Western fantasy versions.

Last Sunday, over 70,000 candidates from 111 political parties participated in regional and municipal elections for 23 state governors, 335 mayors, 253 regional legislators, and 2,471 local councillors — 3,082 positions in total.

Headed by President Nicolas Maduro, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)-led Great Patriotic Pole Alliance (GPP) triumphed overwhelmingly.

According to Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), the GPP won 20 gubernatorial races, around two-thirds of mayoral positions, and a dominant majority of legislators and councillors.

Results showed that despite US/Western political and economic war on Venezuela, the spirit of Bolivarian social democracy remains triumphant over the scourge of hegemon USA’s aim to transform the country back to despotic vassal state status.

In the glow of victory, President Nicolas Maduro said Bolivarian democracy remains “a determining force in the history of this beautiful country called Venezuela.”

Separately, he tweeted:

“With this electoral victory, we will continue consolidating peace and stability in Venezuela.” 

“We will see a new prosperity and wealth generation coming from the workplace and collective efforts.”

“The people have decided and shown us the path. The Patria has won!” 

National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez said the following:

“We defeated those who argued that the elections were not the way to resolve political conflicts among Venezuelans.” 

“They received their dose of loneliness on November 21 because they aspired for electoral abstention to be immense.”

Like all Bolivarian elections, last Sunday’s was scrupulously open, free and fair.

Over 300 international observers from 55 countries monitored the process. 

They included representatives from the Carter Center, UN, Latin American Council of Electoral Experts (CEELA), and EU. 

CEELA president Nicanor Moscoso praised the process, saying it “consolidated Venezuela’s democratic institutions.” 

As expected, interventionist Blinken turned reality on its head, falsely saying the following:

Maduro “deprived Venezuelans yet again of their right to participate in a free and fair electoral process, during Venezuela’s November 21 regional and local elections (sic).”

The PSUV-led GPP “skewed the process to determine the result of this election long before any ballots had been cast (sic).”

The above bald-faced Big Lies and more of the same fooled no one.

Since Bolivarian social democracy replaced US-installed fascist tyranny in the country, hegemon USA regimes from the Clinton crime family to current dominant dark forces in Washington considered Venezuela the threat of a good example.

In response to Blinken’s war of words, Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry said the following:

“It is the height of cynicism that countr(ies) (with fantasy democracies and rigged elections are waging) brutal economic war against Venezuela.” 

“US imperialism and its allies were the big losers” last Sunday.

Hegemon USA never accepts defeat graciously.

Operating extrajudicially at home and abroad, it wages perpetual war on humanity that aims to rule planet earth despotically with an iron fist.

Abhorrent of peace, stability, compliance with the rule of law, democracy as it should be, it tolerates nothing that stands in the way of its hegemonic aims.

US vassal state Canada defied reality in similar fashion to Blinken’s Big Lies, falsely saying:

“Free and fair elections still do not exist in Venezuela (sic).”

Maduro “continues to imprison and persecute political opponents, perceived opponents and members of civil society, and there is a suppression of media freedom and an absence of rule of law (sic).”

In response, Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry slammed the Trudeau regime for mimicking Blinken’s verbal abuse, adding:

Like his higher power in Washington, subservient to its interests Trudeau “disqualifi(ed) an electoral process (that was) validated by more than 300 international observers” as scrupulously open, free and fair.

“Unlike (vassal state) Canada, Venezuela is a country free from foreign tutelage, and it demonstrates this in each election in which the model of participatory and protagonist democracy, enshrined in the Constitution and backed by the democratic will of the Venezuelan people, is deepened.”

Even the EU praised the professionalism of Venezuela’s electoral process.

Maduro’s Deputy Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies by the US called the EU’s assessment a “slap in the face” to bald-faced Big Lies by hegemon USA and vassal state Canada.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry praised Venezuela’s electoral process, saying:

“(V)oting took place in a calm atmosphere, without serious violations and was organized in strict accordance with the law and in compliance with public health standards.”

“Some countries deliberately ignore these facts, once again trying to question the legitimacy of the elections in Venezuela.” 

“Such statements, which have already become commonplace, are not supported by any evidence and only confirm that those who voice them are removed from reality.”

A Final Comment

Code Pink attributed Bolivarianism’s landslide triumph last Sunday to the following: 

Despite all-out US political and economic war on Venezuela, healthcare in the country remains “exemplary.”

In the past decade, “3.7 million homes (were built) for working class families.”

Millions of Venezuelans receive free healthcare, subsidized food and other essentials.

August polling data showed that around half of Venezuelans said their lives improved over the past year or two.

Parties supportive of Bolivarian social democracy are united against the unacceptable alternative.

The subservient to US interests opposition is hugely divided.

Millions of Venezuelans oppose what they represent — returning the country to US vassal state status.

Bolivarian social democracy is the real thing.

In stark contrast, governance of, by, and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law, is banned in the US-controlled West.

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  1. A great-and-satisfying read…Viva Venezuela! Venezuela: Godspeed!

    “Bolivarian social democracy is the real thing.” Hallelujah! (Is this declarative statement part of Code Pink’s “attributions”?…unclear to me…. BTW, I have the utmost admiration for and solidarity with the courageous, stalwart ladies and team of Code Pink!!)


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