Omicron Malarkey

Malarkey fed people by US/Western regimes and MSM co-conspirators about the more scariant than variant omicron is all about harming public health, not protecting it.

Last Friday, the fake Biden — a know-nothing imposter masquerading as cognitively detached from reality JB — repeated fear-mongering mass deception lines scripted for him to recite about the newly rolled out omicron with harsher diabolical aims in mind.

On Monday, a White House statement said the following:

(Charlatan, fraudster, profiteer, monster) “Fauci and members of his (flu/covid fear-mongering, mass deception) team updated the (fake Biden) on the latest developments related to the (more scariant than variant) omicron.

He “informed” the White House imposter that while “it will take approximately two more weeks to have more definitive information on the transmissibility, severity, and other characteristics of the variant (no different from others), he” pushed for greater toxic mass-jabbing.

He also pushed booster kill shots for double-jabbed individuals, falsely claiming that they provide “the strongest available protection (sic).”

According to Pharma-connected Fauci and co-fraudster team members, “all (eligible double-jabbed) adults and children aged-5 and older (should get booster-jabbed) as soon as possible (sic).”

On Monday, WaPo reported that “(t)he Biden (regime) is focusing on (toxic, health-destroying) booster shots as a key weapon in efforts to protect the nation against” the more scariant than variant omicron.

Pharma-linked, pro-kill shot pusher Peter Hotez was quoted, saying:

“Get your boost and get fully” harmed by a triple dose of health-destroying toxins.

According to an unnamed Biden regime official, the White House will hold meetings with state health officials, governors and congressional members — to plot greater public brainwashing than already about all things flu/covid.

Defying science, US/Western and other populations are being carpet-bombed with fear-mongering mass deception about omicron.

The pro-Western, pro-kill shot mass-jabbing WHO is involved in pushing the scam, saying the following last Friday:

More scariant than variant omicron may be “more transmissible…from person to person (sic).”

It may cause “more severe disease compared to infections with other (scariants), including delta (sic).” 

“Preliminary data suggest that there are increasing rates of hospitalization in South Africa (sic).”

All flu/covid scariants “can cause severe disease or death (sic).”

Compared to heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, other major diseases and accidents, flu/covid is a relatively minor health issue.

The vast majority of people contracting it fully recover in a few days when administered known safe and effective treatments or none at all in many cases.

Citing dubious “evidence” that’s nonexistent, the WHO defied science by saying “there may be an increased risk of reinfection with omnicron…as compared to other (flu/covid) variants (sic).”

The Pharma-controlled agency falsely claimed that available kill shots “remain effective against severe disease and death (sic).”

It lied about the ability of PCR tests to detect infection.

Based on how administered, nearly all positive results are false.

Saying the “WHO is coordinating with a large number of researchers around the world to better understand omicron” failed to explain that it’s virtually identical to other flu/covid strains.

Designating the scariant a “variant of concern,” its highest scary level, aims to more greatly push the scam.

Like US/Western and allied regimes, the WHO continues to push kill shots and all else flu/covid related for greater destruction of health and freedom than already.

Staying safe and well requires shunning officially promoted protocols.

They’re designed to cause maximum harm to maximum numbers of people everywhere.

A Final Comment

Like the US/West and elsewhere, Russia’s approach to dealing with all things flu/covid is wrongheaded.

Notably it includes mass-jabbing that causes greater numbers of outbreaks and risks development of potentially deadly diseases.

Featuring masks as well failed to acknowledge their inability to protect.

Because they’re porous to permit breathing, bacteria, viral droplets and fungi can easily penetrate them, collect inside, and be inhaled in concentrated form.

Along with impeding normal breathing, they can irritate skin.

When worn long hours daily, they risk fatigue, exhaustion, lack of concentration, impaired communication, headaches, disorientation, confusion, anxiety, distraction, stress, depression and feelings of lost autonomy.

What dentists call mask mouth may includes gum and mouth irritation, fungal infections, reduced saliva flow, as well as increased plaque and tooth decay.

Masks may also shed harmful to health graphene micro/nano-sized particles that’ll get inhaled into lungs.

Yet on Sunday, Russia’s Vector State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology falsely called omicron “alarming and requires prompt and all-round study (sic).”

Head of Russia’s Scientific Group for the Development of New Methods for Diagnosing Human Diseases at the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, Kamil Khafizov, said omicron cases haven’t been detected in the country as of Sunday.

Russian public health officials failed to explain that it’s no more scariant than other flu/covid strains.

Nor have they set the record straight about seasonal flu that was renamed covid by the US/West with diabolical aims in mind.

Why isn’t Russia exclusively using ivermectin and other known safe and effective protocols to treat and cure the viral illness in lieu of mass-jabbing that doesn’t protect?

Why are its authorities turning a blind eye to the cause of thousands of daily outbreaks?

Why aren’t they largely being halted by following health-protecting protocols over the unacceptable alternative?

Why isn’t the Kremlin protecting public health?

Why did it remove known safe and effective hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) from its list of drugs to treat flu/covid?

Why is it mimicking health-destroying US/Western practices?


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