South African Doctors Expose the Omicron Scam

Doctor Angelique Coetzee MD chairs the South African Medical Association. 

Commenting on what the WHO dubbed omicron, she said symptoms of about two dozen infected patients she treated are “mild.”

They include “sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well,” adding:

“So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer the loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough.” 

“There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected, some are currently being treated at home.”

An infected 6-year-old with a high temperature and pulse rate “was so much better…two days later.”

Half were jabbed, others unjabbed.

Patients she treated were mostly healthy men who began “feeling so tired.”

The bottom line of her comments is that there’s nothing scary about the newly hyped more scariant than variant.

The same goes for all flu/covid strains.

Claims otherwise are politicized in sharp contradiction of science.

South African virologist Barry Schoub agreed with Coetzee , saying:

Omicron cases “have all been mild,” adding:

“(M)utations found (in the virus) appear to destabilize” it and that’s a good thing.

Reality about the more scariant than variant should dispel fear-mongering mass deception, but setting the record straight isn’t what US/Western dark forces and their MSM press agents intend.

On Sunday, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen falsely claimed that the world community of nations is in a “race against time” to act (sic).

Fraudster Fauci called for “enhancing our preparedness” — meaning more draconian mandates and restrictions, along with greater toxic mass-jabbing over nothing.

For children of all ages, adolescents, and young adults, full recovery from flu/covid is virtually 100% in a few days because the vast majority of cases are relatively mild.

Reality defeats the diabolical agenda of US/Western dark forces, their corrupted anti-public health handmaidens like monsters Fauci and Walensky, as well as their MSM co-conspirator-spreaders of fear-mongering mass deception.

On all things related to television propaganda that masquerades as news, CNN ranks rock-bottom in proliferating all rubbish, all the time on key domestic and geopolitical issues.

On Saturday, it once again defied science by calling the more scariant than variant omicron “a pandemic gut check (sic),” adding:

Ignoring a pandemic of the jabbed alone, its fake news report featured over-the-top fear-mongering to scare maximum numbers of people to self-inflict more harm on themselves that already and go along with freedom-destroying restrictions.

Pro-toxic mass-jabbing WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove was quoted.

Pushing what harms health, not protecting it, she called for continued destruction of normal interactions by “distancing (sic), and wearing a mask (sic)” that doesn’t protect and risks respiratory harm.

“(A)void crowded spaces (sic) and above all else, “get” jabbed, rejabbed, fully jabbed and irreparably harmed.

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