MSM War on Russia

If words could kill, MSM press agents for hegemon USA’s diabolical interests would be serial killers.

Waging rhetorical war on all invented USA enemies, Russia at this time commands the main spotlight.

In its latest edition, WaPo hyped the nonexistent threat of Russia invading Ukraine — nor any other country.

According to WaPo’s fake news, Russia is “test(ing)” the US (sic).

The Biden regime “is reviewing options to deter a feared Russian invasion of Ukraine (sic).” 

Along with supplying Kiev with more heavy weapons for offense, not defense, and threatening more illegal sanctions, its dominant hardliners are dubiously trying to “dissuade Vladimir Putin from escalating the simmering conflict into a full-blown transatlantic crisis (sic)” he wants avoided, not pursued.

If years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev against Donbass escalates to something more serious, it’ll be made-in-the-USA — clearly not Moscow.

No “unusual movements by Russian forces” are ongoing anywhere.

No “increasingly bold Russia(n) claims on Ukraine” exist.

Nor is now a “more propitious moment for Putin…to invade Ukraine” or any other country.

No “large, (menacing) and unusual concentration of (Russian) forces” are mobilized anywhere.

No “shor(ing) up of (Ukrainian) defenses” are needed.

The US-colonized country’s only enemies are invented. No real ones exist, clearly not Russia.

There’s been no “more aggressive rhetoric” from Moscow — from Washington, other NATO capitals and Kiev alone.

Hegemon USA, satellite regimes it controls, and regurgitating MSM are in full Russophobic propaganda mode.

Ongoing daily for some time, their modus operandi is making stuff up because no facts on the ground support their bald-faced Big Lies about nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

On Monday, a fake news Reuters report repeated the long ago debunked Big Lie claim that Russia “annex(ed) Crimea (sic)” and is waging proxy war on Ukraine by use of Donbass forces (sic).

Separately on Tuesday, NATO foreign ministers are meeting to discuss a response to Russia’s threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

On Monday, Belarusian President Lukashenko accused US-dominated NATO of waging “hybrid war” on the country, adding:

“We are on the verge of hot confrontation.”

“We do not know that they have in store for us…(They’re) fueling it all the time.”

“We see (a) military buildup along our western and southern border.”

On Monday, US vassal state Latvia called for a permanent presence of US combat troops in the country bordering Russia.

On Monday, interventionist Blinken arrived in Riga for talks with Latvian officials and US-controlled NATO puppet Stoltenberg about Russia’s military buildup along Ukraine’s border that doesn’t exist.

Interviewed by Britain’s owned and controlled BBC propaganda proliferator, Polish prime minister Morawiecki falsely accused Russia of attempts to “destabilize” central Europe (sic), adding:

“Bad things may happen in Ukraine (sic).”

“All the pieces of the puzzle put together present not a very good picture (sic).”

On Tuesday, the WSJ reported that the Biden regime “briefed allies that Moscow could launch a new military operation in Ukraine (sic)” — despite no evidence suggesting it.

Just the opposite! Russia prioritizes peace and stability. It plays a leading role in working to resolve conflicts where they exist.

There’s no ambiguity about its geopolitical aims.

In stark contrast to US-dominated NATO’s forever wars, Russia is in the forefront of wanting them diplomatically resolved.

On Monday, US News & World Report propaganda dubiously claimed that Ukraine is on “high alert” over an “imminent…Russia-backed coup attempt” that doesn’t exist.

Biden regime-sponsored and encouraged fake news about Russia and other nations free from US hegemonic control never quits.

On all things Russia, it’s at a greater fever pitch than at any previous time during the post-WW II period.

If dominant Biden regime hardliners have greater aggression in mind against invented enemies than what’s already ongoing, central Europe may be their next battleground.

Russia is aware of the risk and is surely prepared to counter threats to its security.

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