Omicron Fear-Mongering Scam

A rose by any and all names is a rose. 

The same applies to seasonal flu strains — now deceptively called covid with fear-mongering mass deception in mind.

Multiple variants occur annually. 

All virtually like others, differences among them are too minor to matter.

Until last year, flu seasons from around October to May were unaccompanied by MSM hyperventilating fear-mongering-produced mass-hysteria over nothing.

Perception is everything.

Heavily pushed, state-sponsored, MSM-proliferated, mind-manipulation got most people to believe black is white or vice versa.

The power of public mind manipulation deluded most people to believe what always occurred for time immemorial with scant public attention — other than low-key annual flu shot reminders — is something ominously different now.

No matter that nothing changed but perception of reality turned on its head.

Disconnected from reality, daily headlines are created with producing mass hysteria in mind.

Giving virtually identical flu/covid strains Greek letter names has nothing to do with facilitating communication and avoiding confusion as NYT fake news claimed.

It’s all about fear-mongering maximum numbers of people worldwide to unwittingly self-inflict harm from maximum numbers of kill shots by falsely claiming or suggesting that one strain is more dangerous than others.

Designating one or more strains as “variants of interest (or) concern” by the pro-toxic mass-jabbing WHO compounds unacceptable fear-mongering.

All strains are no scarier than others, none more dangerous.

Phony claims otherwise aim to inflict maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

Monday headlines continued manipulation of the public mind with hyperventilating rubbish.

Reuters and other MSM claimed that the omicron scariant was found in nearly one-third of US states — a nonissue manipulated to appear otherwise.

The same goes for the NYT report about Europe being “on edge as omicron cases rise quickly before the holidays.”

Wherever it exists, public edginess comes from fear-mongering mass deception over nothing.

Citing the Pharma-controlled CDC, WaPo said daily US outbreaks top 100,000.

Suppressed is whatever the number, jabbed — especially multi-jabbed — individuals account for the vast majority of cases.

The WSJ said the Biden regime intends to fast-track authorization of kill shots for omicron.

Left unexplained is that taking this step in all about pumping more health-destroying toxins into the bodies of mind-manipulated people by convincing them that what’s harmful is beneficial.

CNN fear-mongering reported on a CDC outbound air travel mandate for all passengers aged-two or older to be jabbed or show (meaningless) negative PCR test proof no more than one day in advance of scheduled flights to be allowed onboard.

A number of MSM reported about NYC’s new extrajudicial mandate for all private sector employees to be jabbed at least twice by December 27.

The unacceptable mandate is highly likely to be challenged judicially in federal court with a good chance of overturning what no one should tolerate.

Kill shots and all else flu/covid related constitute an undeclared war on public health and freedom to be rejected, not accepted.

Protecting what’s too precious to lose and survival depend on rising up to slay the beast that’s going all-out to eliminate us.

A Final Comment

What’s really scary is what Health Impact News (HIN) explained on Monday.

Kill shots cause heart damage in all age groups.

On November 30, the Pharma-controlled CDC admitted what MSM ignored, saying:

Along with repeating the long-ago debunked Big Lie claim that kill shots are “safe and effective (sic),” the agency said:

Through “ November 24, 2021, VAERS has received 1,949 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among people ages 30 and younger who received” flu/covid jabs.” 

“Most cases (were) reported after mRNA (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna jabs), particularly in male adolescents and young adults.”

Based on VAESRS data, HIN explained that “666 cases of heart disease (were reported) in 12 to 17-year-olds after (kill) shots.”

Before toxic mass jabbing began a year ago, “less than 2 cases per year (occurred) following all (inoculations) for the past 30+ years.”

Draw your own conclusions.

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