Apartheid Israel’s War on the Unjabbed

With the worst of diabolical aims in mind, nonthreatening seasonal flu-renamed covid made apartheid Israel more unsafe and unfit to live in for the vast majority of Jews and non-Jews alike.

The Bennett regime has gone all-out to exceed the worst of Netanyahu’s reign of terror.

Last August, the Times of Israel reported that he “compared not getting (jabbed with kill shots) to spraying machine gun fire at” their jabbed counterparts (sic).

Defying science and the rule of law, he falsely claims that staying jab-free “endanger(s) yourself…endanger(s) those around you, and it’s life-threatening (sic).”

Indisputable reality is the other way around.

Like the US/West and elsewhere, double standards define draconian Israeli policy.

On Thursday, the Jerusalem Post (JP) reported that after the Bennett regime advised Israelis to avoid foreign travel, he and his wife “headed abroad for a vacation,” adding:

Israel’s ruling class has rules in place for ordinary people that don’t “apply to the powerful, connected, wealthy,” or otherwise privileged.

The US/West operates the same way. Draconian flu/covid related policies are ignored by the rich, well-born and privileged.

According to the JP, “there (are) numerous cases of powerful politicians breaking the very guidelines they put in place for average people.” 

Former president Reuven Rivlin hosted family members on Passover in April 2020 when other Israelis were locked down. 

While ordinary Israelis are restricted, rich and powerful ones go about their daily lives as they see fit, unhampered by rules imposed on others. 

In the US, politicians, business tycoons and their associates have been photographed maskless in places where ordinary Americans are mandated to wear them.

Last August, leaked photos (now deleted) of Obama’s three-day 60th birthday bash showed celebrity attendees partying unmasked, one or more smoking hash.

One unnamed attendee said “(n)obody ever s(aw) Obama like this before.”

The New York Post reported that he “just gave us quite an ugly spectacle,” adding:

“As the rest of America struggles with uncertain employment status and school re-openings, shifting mask mandates, anxiety over (jabs) and variants, the health of the economy and the citizenry at large, Obama had to go and throw himself a huge, epic, three-day birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard.”

It was “insane,” one of his caterers told The Post “What (was) he thinking?”

He “thought (he could) do whatever he damn well pleased.”

Hundreds attended, “free to go unmasked.”

On Friday, Haaretz reported that the Bennett regime “call(ed) for unprecedented restrictions” on unbooster-jabbed Israelis — applying to ordinary ones alone, not to rich, powerful ruling class members.

What’s going on in Israel, the US/West and elsewhere has nothing to do protecting public health, nothing to do with more scariant than variants delta and omicron.

It has everything to do with destroying public health and freedom, what Haaretz and other Israeli MSM suppressed.

To more greatly punish Israelis not multi-jabbed enough or not at all, “Bennett proposed radical moves,” said Haaretz.

He called for locking down Israelis without “a valid Green Pass” to show they got boosters on top of double jabs.

He wants unjabbed Israelis prohibited from leaving the country.

Israelis without a valid Green Pass may be barred from entering shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and most other public places.

Will they be suspended or sacked by employers, denied education, perhaps medical care if needed and lose other rights unless agree to self-inflict harm a third time with more of the same virtually sure to follow?

Much the same thing is happening throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

Free and open societies are disappearing in plain sight.

In the US, the Biden regime heads toward wanting everyone in all age groups forever-jabbed with health-destroying toxins.

Toxicologist Janci Chun Lindsay warned that hazardous flu/covid jabs may “steriliz(e) an entire generation.”

Noted virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and others aware of their health-destroying toxins called for an immediate halt to mass-jabbing.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko pioneered use of safe, effective, low-cost hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin and zinc sulfate in successfully treating and curing thousands of flu/covid ill patients with this protocol.

He called all things flu/covid “extremely well-orchestrated, brilliantly executed (and an) exceptionally evil” population control scheme, adding:

“What we are living through is probably the biggest psy-op in the history of humanity.”

“Don’t live in fear. Don’t live in isolation. Don’t take the poison death shot.” 

“Take preventive therapy for (flu/covid). Take early treatment if necessary.” 

“But more importantly, live with God-consciousness.” 

“Improve yourself as an individual, and when enough individuals improve themselves – society as a whole improves, and we move away from paganism, idolatry and child sacrifice toward a world of truth, love and the revelation of God.”

We “need to coalesce like-minded people and form our own societies.”

“We need to work in unity and in civil disobedience, hopefully in a nonviolent way.”

The Biden regime “assaulted and battered the American people with (its) murderous policies.”

“The FDA (CDC, NIH and HHS) knew about (health-destroying) side effects way before” kill shots were OK’d. 

The American people “have been (conned and) raped by (their) own government.”

“What we’re looking at is millions and millions of adverse effects and hundreds of thousands of deaths.” 

“That’s nothing compared to the longterm effects that people are going to experience.” 

“We’re seeing huge spikes in cancer and auto-immune diseases.” 

“How do you think that’s going to affect future reproduction and population numbers?”

Resistance against what’s going on is crucial, along with shunning kill shots.

If got any, take no more.

Vanden Bossche correctly said:

“(S)tay un(jabbed).”

“If you do this…you will be spared from severe disease.”

“On the contrary, (jabs) do the opposite.”

If what’s going on continues unchecked, it “will inevitably lead to a collapse of our health system. It cannot be otherwise.”

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