MSM War on Russia

MSM operate as press agents for diabolical US interests.

Supporting its crimes of war, against humanity, and other criminality — at home and abroad — their reports feature state-approved talking points.

On all things related to nations free from US control, demonizing propaganda drowns out journalism as it should be.

After usurping power, the illegitimate Biden regime escalated war on Russia by other means.

Subservient to the regime they support, MSM are in lockstep with its reckless agenda that risks unthinkable hot war if push things too far.

Left unexplained is that the Russian Federation never attacked another nation.

Threatening none, Vladimir Putin prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with the rule of law.

His geopolitical priorities are polar opposite how hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states, apartheid Israel, and other imperial partners operate.

No Russian threat to Ukraine exists as falsely claimed by Biden regime hardliners and their MSM press agents.

Their perversions of truth and full disclosure give propaganda a bad name.

According to NYT fake news, Russian barbarians are poised at the gates to invade Ukraine with “tanks, artillery and equipment (sic),” adding:

Moscow “is preparing to launch the largest military offensive in Europe since World War II (sic).”

It’s “imperative (for) the Biden (regime to) demonstrate a (firm commitment to) Ukraine” as a weapon for advancing hegemon USA’s aims on the world stage.

So far, it “failed to keep the Kremlin in check (sic)” — no matter that no Russian threat exists to counter, no “encroachment” on Ukraine, no “annexation of Crimea,” no earlier or current “invasion of Donbass.”

Crisis conditions in central Europe along the Russian/Ukrainian border were made-in-the-USA and capitals of subservient NATO vassal states — not Moscow.

No democracy exists in the US, West or Nazi-infested fascist Ukraine as Times propaganda claimed — no yearning for peace and stability, according to the rule of law.

Russian democracy shames their fantasy versions. 

Expressing support for hegemon USA’s “rules-based order” by its own rules exclusively — a policy hostile to international law — the Times called for greater US militarization of Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders and “more assertive(ness).”

Does it have WW III in mind?

Is Wapo likeminded?

Defying reality, it falsely accused Putin of “barrel(ing) toward invading Ukraine (sic),” adding:

“Russia historically has dreamed of strengthening polarization in the US and weakening our (fantasy) democracy” — the real thing banned from inception.

No “Putin…move into Ukraine” looms, no “moment of opportunity,” no Moscow attempts “to destabilize elections across Europe,” no Russian cross-border assassination efforts.

All things extrajudicial is longstanding US policy on the world stage, especially its forever war agenda against invented enemies by hot and/or other means.

On all things related to invented US enemies — ignoring that no real ones exist — MSM report from the same page, their stuff reading like official press release handouts.

Demonizing propaganda — made up stuff — is their modus operandi, truth and full disclosure nowhere in sight.

Some perversion of reality headlines include:

Reuters: “Russia keeps tensions high over Ukraine while waiting for next Biden move (sic)”

“(Fake) Biden assures Ukraine’s (US-installed puppet) of US support to deter Russia (sic)”

CNN: “Ukrainian military report says Russia boosted troops to 120,000 near border (sic)”

LA Times: “Ukraine’s (US armed, directed and controlled) military long on morale (sic) but short on weaponry (sic)”

Chicago Tribune: “Putin stole Crimea (sic). He cannot be allowed to steal the rest of Ukraine (sic).”

Britain’s BBC propaganda operation: “Is Russia preparing to invade Ukraine (sic)?”

Qatar’s Al Jazeera fake news operation: “(US-installed) NATO (puppet) rejects Russian demand to deny Ukraine entry”

Fox News went both ways, headlining:

“Why Putin is willing to risk a catastrophic war to dominate Ukraine (sic)”

Separately, it quoted retired US Col. Douglas Macgregor’s warning that if hegemon USA “go(es) to war with Russia over Ukraine, (it’ll) court destruction of the known world.”

The prospect of Russia attacking Ukraine or other countries is zero.

Hegemon USA has been perpetually at war at home and/or abroad throughout its history from inception over the past 245 years.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed irresponsible US/Western policies in central Europe, saying:

“A course has been taken to drag Ukraine into NATO, which is fraught with the emergence there of strike missile systems with minimum flight time to central Russia as well as other destabilizing weapons.” 

“This irresponsible behavior poses unacceptable threats to our security and paves the way for serious military risks for all the parties involved, even going as far as a large-scale conflict in Europe.”

“(D)ialogue is acutely needed (at a time when) relations between Russia and the (US-dominated) West continue deteriorating and have come to a critical point.”

“Using the Ukraine situation as a pretext, the West has embarked on a course of encouraging Russophobia and shielding the Kiev regime’s actions that seek to derail the Minsk agreements and prepare (an escalated) military scenario in Donbass” along Russia’s border.

“It is impossible to interpret the increasingly frequent unscheduled exercises conducted by the US and (subservient vassal states) in the Black Sea in any other way.” 

“NATO member states’ aircraft, including strategic bombers, regularly make provocative flights and perilous maneuvers near Russia’s borders.” 

“Ukraine’s territory continues to be militarily exploited and weapons continue to be funneled into the country.”

Putin called for “legally binding (US/Western) guarantees” of Russia’s security because their ruling regimes “fail to honor…verbal commitments.”

If escalated war erupts in central Europe, it’ll be made-in-the-USA.

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