Lunatics Run the Washington Asylum

The most perilous time in world history worsened after undemocratic Dems usurped power by (MSM-supported) election theft.

Militantly hostile toward Russia, China, Iran and other nations free from US control, their rage to transform them into vassal states risks global war with weapons of mass destruction.

On Friday and Saturday, G7 foreign ministers met in Liverpool, England to plot further anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Iran, anti-peace and stability strategy and tactics at a time when invented threats by the above nations don’t exist — just real ones by hegemon USA and subservient vassal states.

Sounding interventionist Blinken-like, Boris Johnson regime’s foreign secretary Lis Truss stopped short of declaring war, saying:

“We need to defend ourselves against grave threats of hostile actors (sic)” — that don’t exist.

“To do this we need a stronger united voice (sic).” 

“We need to do more to bring countries into the sphere of things we believe in (sic).”

Claiming hegemon USA, Britain and partnered states “aim…to expand the reach of freedom and democracy” in their countries ignored that these and related notions are banned by their ruling regimes.

Saying “we (must) take on malign actors around the world who are seeking to challenge that” heightened the risk of global conflict against Russia, China and other nations free from hegemonic control.

Ignoring that Russia threatens no one, that it champions peace and stability, that its geopolitical agenda complies fully with international law, Truss threatened “severe consequences” if Moscow invades Ukraine — knowing no such Kremlin intention exists, nor against any other nations.

An unnamed senior Biden regime official said G7 ministers (subservient to US interests) are united over “extreme concern (sic)” about Russia’s threat to Ukraine — that’s invented, not real.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said G7 nations want “Russia (to) understand that anything that could represent an attack to Ukraine would have a high price (sic).” 

Ruling G7 regimes know that the only external threats faced by US-colonized Ukraine are invented.

They’re to maintain an increasingly dangerous cold war on Russia that risks turning hot if things are pushed too far.

Later this week, Biden regime assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs Karen Donfried will visit US vassal state Ukraine and Moscow, then to Brussels for continued US war on Russia by other means.

China and Iran bashing were also on the G7 agenda. 

Truss belligerently called for “unity” against invented “aggressors” — ignoring that US-dominated Western regimes are real ones.

She called Vienna JCPOA talks “the last chance for Iran to sign up” to the landmark deal it never abandoned, just hegemon USA and E3 vassal states Britain, France and Germany.

She slammed nonexistent Sino-muscle-flexing in the Indo/Pacific — how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates worldwide.

According to reinvented reality by Blinken spokesman’s Price, G7 ministers “expressed concern over Russia’s (nonexistent) aggression against Ukraine and reiterated (fake) support for a peaceful resolution of cross-Taiwan Strait issues (sic).”

In response to an endless war of words by hegemon USA and complicit G7 vassal states, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov debunked their Big Lies like many times before.

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chuying said “(w)e are extremely dissatisfied with the practice of Japan and the G7 (for) harming the interests of other countries (and) stimulating regional tensions.”

On the sidelines of G7 talks, German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock falsely blamed Iran for deadlocked JCPOA talks in Vienna.

“Time is running out,” she roared. “(W)e do not have any progress (sic).”

On Saturday, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister/chief negotiator on Vienna talks Ali Bagheri Kani stressed the following:

“We will definitely agree to nothing less than (what’s mandated by SC Res. 2231), and this will certainly be a red line for the Islamic Republic of Iran,” adding:

“Throughout negotiations (resumed on Nov. 29), we stated our viewpoints about various issues, including the removal of (all illegally imposed) sanctions, nuclear measures, verification, guarantees, and other issues.”

The Biden regime and E3 vassal states killed the landmark agreement and want it remaining dead.

A state of undeclared US-led NATO war by other means on Russia, China, Iran and other independent countries risks turning hot in one of more parts of the world because the Washington asylum is run Dem lunatics opposed to peace, stability and the rule of law.

3 thoughts on “Lunatics Run the Washington Asylum

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  1. Mr Lendman..
    You know what’s it similar too,sir..

    For pert near 100 yrs the Greeks talked shit about the Macedonians..

    Amythias III..420-390
    Phillip II……390-340
    Alexander.. born 356

    Grandpa Amythias wanted Desperately to be a Greek..

    They black balled him.
    ‘ A Barbarian”

    The Phillip
    Athens 350BC Demostenes is taking Smack.

    “The Phillipics”
    Finally Alex comes down and wipes em out.


    Same thing gonna happen with the Gangsters

    Except I shouldn’t laugh cuz we’re all Dead if the Russians launch.



    Thank you.

    Circa 350 BC Athens..


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