Inventing Reasons to Bash Russia

A state of undeclared US-dominated NATO war on Russia by other means exists with no prospect of easing heightened tensions.

What’s gone on for time immemorial is all about Russia’s sovereign independence, its unwillingness to bow to a higher power in Washington, and threat of a good example by holding firm on this issue.

On Monday, Moscow vetoed an unacceptable Security Council resolution on climate and security, its UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia saying the following:

“The global community is deeply split on the climate issue.”

“This was seen in Glasgow, but then the need to arrive at a consensus forced (the US-dominated West to) tak(e) into account the positions of all countries.” 

“Here we see an anti-democratic attempt to ignore the opinion of 80 (UN member states) that did not support the text, to impose on them” what they justifiably reject. 

“Positioning climate change as a threat to international security diverts the attention of the council from genuine, deep-rooted reasons” behind global conflicts.

In response to Russia’s justifiable veto, Biden regime UN envoy Linda Thomas-Greenfield commented as expected.

Reciting a customary US litany of bald-faced Big Lies on all things Russia, she said the following:

“By vetoing this resolution, Russia stopped the world’s most important body for maintaining international peace and security from taking a small, practical, and necessary step to combat the impacts of climate change (sic).”  

“The climate crisis is a security crisis (sic) — one of the most pressing of our time (sic).” 

“It is a threat to every person, in every nation, on every continent (sic).”

“(T)hat is why combating the climate crisis is a top priority of our” regime.

Along with inventing reasons to bash Russia, the above is anti-science rubbish.

So-called global warming is one of many colossal made-in-the West myths.

It’s a red herring that shifts attention from pressing issues mattering most.

Eminent Physics Professor Denis Rancourt earlier explained that climate change won’t become an environmental issue “until the sun has its next hiccup in a billion years or more” from now.

From millions of years, humans and animals with similar longevity survived in climates ranging from steaming hot to frigid cold, as well as from climate-related disasters.

Inventing threats that don’t exist serve special interests at the expense of the vast majority of ordinary people worldwide.

The global warming/climate change myth is one example.

The most important one relates to all things flu/covid — MSM-supported dark forces convincing countless millions to self-inflict harm, notably from kill shots designed for this purpose.

The NYT dubiously accused Russia of using its veto power prevent passage of what it falsely called “a unified response to global warming.”

A statement by Russia’s UN mission on the resolution it rejected said the following:

Its sponsors “were pushing it through without readiness to discuss” key issues not addressed.

“The proposed document was coercing the Council to take a one-dimensional approach to conflicts and threats to international peace and security, i.e. through the climate lens.” 

“It was a generic proposal to establish this automatic link while neglecting all other aspects of situations in countries in conflict or countries lagging behind in their socioeconomic development.”

“(T)his course of action is not about caring for countries or for the lives of (their) people…”

“As a responsible member of the UN and its Security Council, the Russian Federation along with India and China do not share such an approach (that US-dominated Western countries want) imposed” on the world community of nations to serve their interests exclusively.

Together with China and India, Russia proposed a draft SC resolution that “encompasses (a) whole range of issues pertinent” to the interests of all nations.

Moscow is “ready for substantive and constructive work on the draft with all members of the UN Security Council.”

Washington and subservient vassal states have other aims in mind, ones hostile to the welfare and security of world community nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to US hegemonic interests.

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