Foreign Foreign Ministry on the G7, NATO, Assange and Ukraine

Commenting on hegemon USA-dominated G7’s Big Lies about aggression against Ukraine that doesn’t exist, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said the following:

Unacceptably hostile G7 remarks reflect the US-dominated “Western community’s collective mentality.”

They’re “the same old set of trite allegations, cliches and accusations hinging on an utterly false premise that Russia is engaged in ‘military preparations’ against Ukraine.”  

“We have repeatedly said that Russia has the full right to deploy and redeploy military units in its own sovereign territory at its discretion, and that it has no aggressive designs.” 

“We provided relevant explanations for many years” — at all times falling on deaf ears.

Hegemon USA needs enemies. 

Since none existed throughout the post-WW II period, they were invented — to unjustifiably justify throwing countless hundreds of billions of dollars down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse, while vital homeland needs go begging.

MZ explained that Russia’s “Foreign Ministry published its Statement on Dialogue with the US and Other Western Countries regarding Security Guarantees to the Russian Federation.” 

“This statement is intended for the member states of both G7 and NATO and outlines specific proposals on how to reduce tensions over Ukraine.”

So far, G7 foreign ministers haven’t addressed it.

Instead of allying with Russia to ease heightened tensions, they’re highly likely to increase further ahead. 

Separately, MZ slammed US-installed puppet NATO head Stoltenberg’s opposition to Russia’s proposed moratorium on the deployment of intermediate-and-shorter-range (nuclear-capable) missiles in Europe.

MZ reminded him about hegemon USA’s long ago pledge not to expand eastward toward Russia’s borders — what it breached repeatedly since the 1990s, adding:

“Didn’t NATO (regimes) tell us that planned deployment of US BMD systems in Poland and Romania were aimed exclusively against the potential Iranian threat” — that doesn’t exist? 

“Didn’t they keep silent when the US pulled out of the INF Treaty?”

“Many (so-called) experts will be hard put to believe that this is exactly how (US-dominated) NATO explained its actions.”

Biden regime hardliners and NATO vassal states they control are going all-out “to destabilize the continent and undermine the foundations of European security.” 

“We advanced proposals regarding such a moratorium more than once, including proposals on the verification measures that would allow Western countries to see that there are no such missiles in the European part of Russia.”

Hegemon USA rejects world peace and stability in favor of permanent hot and cold wars against invented enemies like Russia, China, Iran and other nonbelligerent/nonthreatening nations free from its control.

MZ stressed what’s been clear throughout the post-WW II period.

Hegemon USA can never be trusted.

Its word never its bond, nothing it says or pledges can be taken at face value.

On all things related to peace, stability and rule of law principles, it’s an outlaw state, a rogue state, an unparalleled menace to everyone everywhere — including the vast majority of its own people.

Commenting on OK’ing of Julian Assange’s extrajudicial extradition to the US on phony charges by Britain’s hanging high court, MZ called the ruling an example of “hypocrisy and double standards,” adding:

“(B)ased on data from international experts, we are speaking about the use of harassment and torture against this public figure and journalist.” 

He’s “committed to freedom of speech, a principle of fundamental importance for international relations.” 

“Through his life and actions, he defended the values that many people mention only while making official statements.”

Actions by hegemon USA and its Western vassal states “smack of…cannibalism.”

Assange was targeted, arrested, imprisoned and brutally mistreated because his truth-telling journalism as it should be exposed US/Western high crimes too grievous to ignore.

“EU authorities talk every day about freedom, democracy and human rights.”

They’ve consistently ignored hegemon USA’s war on Assange in cahoots with vassal state Britain. 

“Assange is being (mis)treated in a way not befitting a human being by the US, UK and G7.”

Behind bars in Britain, its ruling authorities are killing him slowly.

Brutal mistreatment transformed him into a shadow of what he used to be.

Russia denounced what’s gone on with no prospect of justice being afforded Assange by hegemon USA and Britain.

On US-colonized Ukraine, MZ accused the US/West of escalating tensions along its border with Russia instead of going the other way.

Separately, she slammed the country’s proposed amendment to its Citizenship Law.

Calling it central European apartheid, it legalizes citizenship for Ukrainian nationals in the West while internal ones with Russian citizenship “face sanctions…fines…restriction(s) (and loss) of liberty.”

The virtually certain to be adopted policy reflects “segregation of the worst kind,” MZ stressed, adding:

“Segregation is a monstrosity.”

Where are European human rights champions, she asked?

Why are they silent — while quick to jump on Russia time and again over nothing.

“How could the international community allowed this to happen – not in some uncontrolled corner of the world run by thugs and extremists.”

It’s “in a state that declares its priorities as similar to those of the Western community, is a member of the UN and other international platforms, and participates in leaders’ summits in various formats.” 

“This flatly proves not only the absence of any legal culture, but the lack of a basic understanding of the correlation between domestic legislation, international law and the current reality.”

A “legal vacuum in Ukraine” exists.

Yet hegemon USA and its Western vassal states see, hear and speak no evil about Nazi-infested fascist tyranny in Europe’s heartland.

A Final Comment

With no end to US orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukraine on Donbass in prospect, MZ said Russia is obligated to support its nationals in harm’s way cross-border.

They’re suffering from endless war, along with Kiev’s “inhuman economic and transport blockade” on Donbass.

Russia “will continue to provide necessary assistance to” its cross-border nationals as needed. 

3 thoughts on “Foreign Foreign Ministry on the G7, NATO, Assange and Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman
    Great Article.

    Maybe Ms Zakarova will follow Putin as President.


    Anyway, why bore you with my dribble..

    Same Same

    Bully Boy talks shit
    Insults Russia.

    and nothing happens.

    Similar in most ways to the Munich Appeasement.

    There’s no more words.

    Only some hot lead in the ass.


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