All Things Flu/Covid Mind Manipulation

Most people believe almost anything they hear repeated time and again — notably on opiate of the masses television.

In cahoots with privileged interests over the general welfare, MSM operate as agents of mass deception.

On issues mattering most, state-approved propaganda is exclusively featured, truth and full disclosure banned.

Leading print fake news proliferator NYT never misses an opportunity to mass deceive readers on issues of most importance.

On all things flu/covid, it pushes fake news exclusively in daily editions.

Ignoring that more scariant than variant omicron is virtually identical to other flu/covid strains, it pushed more kill shots beyond boosters by the following fear-mongering claim, saying:

So-called “preliminary research” — meaning Pharma-pushed rubbish — “suggests (that flu/covid jabs) used in most of the world offer almost no defense against becoming infected by…omicron (sic),” adding:

Only DNA-altering, hazardous to health Pfizer and Moderna triple-jabbing provide some protection (sic).

When used as directed, they destroy health, the same true for J & J and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Taking them assures irreversible harm to health, the more jabs gotten, the greater the damage, sooner they risk a very unpleasant death.

The Times continued to push the Big Lie claim that unjabbed individuals “threaten the health of vulnerable individuals (sic) (and) increase the opportunity for the emergence of yet more variants (sic).”

Science destroys the above Big Lies and others like them.

The same goes for falsely claiming that mRNA technology used by Pfizer and Moderna “offers the best protection against infection (sic).” 

Polar opposite is true about all kill  shots — why shunning them is crucial to protect health.

Taking them guarantees trouble straightaway in some cases, later on in others.

What the Times and other MSM should explain, they suppress.

What they push aims to destroy health and well-being.

Outgoing NYC mayor de Blasio supports public health destruction by draconian mandates he ordered.

Stopping short of another city shutdown over nothing, he’s adding more mass-jabbing sites, including mobile ones.

Saying “(g)etting tested is absolutely critical” ignored that when results are positive, they’re nearly always false.

Citing no evidence, he dubiously claimed that over over six million city residents were jabbed at least once.

Record numbers of outbreaks in the city and state in recent days are based on false positive PCR test results.

Pushing Moderna kill shots on Monday, the Times exposed liar on all things flu/covid, Apoorva Mandavilli, was at it again.

Instead of debunking the company’s  phony claim that “its booster significantly raises the level of antibodies to thwart omicron, she pushed the bald-faced Big Lie — citing no peer-reviewed evidence because none exists.

She admitted that so-called evidence is “based on laboratory tests” — not trials as they should be conducted because none have been by all kill shot producers to rush their toxic jabs to market.

She also admitted that so-called Moderna data was not “published or reviewed by independent experts.”

Its CEO Stephane Bancel was quoted saying that the company “will continue to rapidly advance an omicron-specific booster candidate into clinical testing in case it becomes necessary in the future (sic).”

All brands of Pharma jabs are profoundly unsafe and ineffective.

Taking them guarantees irreversible harm to health and shortened life spans.

What the Times and other MSM should feature regularly is banned in their daily editions.

The same goes for the scourge of television propaganda over credible news and views.

What MSM push instead is health-destroying jabs with unparalleled extermination of unwanted segments of society worldwide in mind.

Nothing they report on all issues mattering most to most people — domestic and geopolitical — passes the smell test.

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