US/Israeli Big Lies About Iran’s Nuclear Program

The world community of nations knows that Iran’s legitimate nuclear program has no military component.

It’s well known as well that Tehran fully complies with its NPT obligations.

Nonbelligerent Iran threatens no one.

In stark contrast, nuclear armed and dangerous USA and Israel threaten world peace and stability.

Defying reality, hegemon USA and apartheid Israel falsely claimed that Iran’s “rapidly advancing” nuclear program (sic) poses a “grave threat” to regional and international security (sic).

Reality is polar opposite the above bald-faced Big Lie — what’s taken on a life of its own by endless repetition.

Following a Tuesday meeting in Jerusalem, Biden regime national security advisor Jake Sullivan and his Israeli counterpart Eyal Hulata issued a joint statement.

Sullivan reaffirmed Washington’s “unwavering commitment to Israel’s security” at a time when its only enemies and threats are invented.

No real ones exist. 

The same goes for US-dominated NATO.

So their ruling regimes and apartheid Israel invent them as a pretext for waging forever hot and cold wars.

The US/Jewish state joint statement stressed “the need to confront all aspects of the (nonexistent) threat posed by Iran (sic), including its (non-military) nuclear program (sic), (nonexistent) destabilizing activities in the region (sic), and (nonexistent) support for terrorist proxy groups (sic).”

All of the above applies to hegemon USA, NATO, the Jewish state and regimes allied with their war on humanity domestically and abroad — clearly not Iran.

The world community knows it’s a nation that prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with international law — polar opposite how US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel operate.

Yet the Biden and Naftali Bennett regimes vowed “to ensure that Iran never gets a nuclear weapon” it doesn’t seek, never did, and wants eliminated before these WMDs eliminate us.

Begun last April, JCPOA talks are going nowhere because hegemon USA and E3 vassal states have no intention of normalizing relations with Iran.

Nor do they intend to lift illegally imposed sanctions on the country or comply with SC Res. 2231 — ignoring that its provisions are binding international law.

On Monday, Iranian Vice President for Legal Affairs Mohammad Dehqan slammed E3 countries France, Germany and Britain for breaching the JCPOA in cahoots with Washington and refusing to return to compliance, adding:

All along since the JCPOA was agreed on and unanimously affirmed by SC Res. 2231, Iran, Russia and China alone have been “compliant” with its provisions.

Separately, Iran’s chief negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani said “(d)ishonest reports from outside the negotiation room will not undermine our will to strike a settlement that secures our nation’s rights and interests.”

On Wednesday, Sullivan said JCPOA talks will end “within weeks”— if Iran doesn’t bow to (unacceptable) US, E3, Israeli demands, adding:

“We intend to guarantee that Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons” their ruling regimes know that it doesn’t seek.

Along with illegally imposed sanctions remaining in place, the US and E3 — in cahoots with Israel — are considering new ways to wage war on Iran by other means.

According to Bennett’s reinvention of reality, “(w)hat happens in Vienna has profound ramifications for the stability of the Middle East and the security of Israel for the upcoming years (sic).”

Ignored by the US, E3 and Israel is that regional security depends on their compliance with the rule of law instead of their forever wars by hot and other means.

Sergey Lavrov earlier said the following:

Russia “insist(s) on…full implementation” of the JCPOA as affirmed by SC Res. 2231, adding:

The US “should resume implementation of its commitments (that includes) lift(ing) all sanctions imposed in the context of the JCPOA.”

Despite verbally committing to fulfill its JCPOA obligations, the Biden regime went the other way.

Where hegemon USA goes, European vassal states are sure to follow.

That’s where things stand ahead of resuming JCPOA talks before yearend.

Going nowhere since initiated, the prospect of shifting from noncompliance to the other way around by the US and E3 is virtually nil.

No matter how much longer talks continue in Vienna or anywhere else, the JCPOA as affirmed by SC Res. 2231 is dead.

It’s because that’s what dominant Biden regime hardliners intended all along since before talks began last April — while pretending otherwise.

The US can never be trusted.

Even if anything is agreed on in Vienna, it’s virtually certain that Washington and E3 vassal states will breach it at a time of and for invented reasons of their choosing.

It’s why Vienna talks have been a colossal waste of time — achieving nothing.

Despite continuing them to show good faith, Iran knows what it’s up against in dealings with the US-dominated West.

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