Metastasizing Medical Tyranny Throughout Chicagoland

On Wednesday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Public Order 2021-2 advanced medical tyranny in the city.

On Thursday, Cook County — that includes Chicago — followed the city’s lead.

A county public health department press release announced the following:

Effective January 3, as in Chicago, “customers of indoor settings where food or drink are served for on-premises consumption, like restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, and in fitness facilities” are required to show proof of being fully jabbed.

Business and other public venues must display clearly visible signage at every entrance and in interior places.

“Patrons…must remain masked and physically distant.”

Both city and county mandates apply to patrons aged-5 and older.

Establishments “must develop a written protocol with details for how they will check vaccine status and how they will enforce this order.” 

“CCDPH (Cook County Department of Public Health) will post sample language for this written protocol to its website.”

What Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle called dual delta and omicron threats don’t exist.

What she called “realigning (county) strategies (based on) what science is telling us” is polar opposite what the newly announced flu/covid mandate imposes.

“(S)ilence (indeed) is clear.”

Covid is garden variety seasonal flu with a scary new name. 

Its draconian aims are reinforced by Big Lies and mass deception.

Noncompliant businesses and other venues “will be subject to inspection and possible fines for violations.” 

As in other US states and cities, Chicago and Cook County mandates aim to irreparably harm health and eliminate what remains of freedom.

They have nothing to do with protecting city and county residents, nothing to do with “lower(ing) the risk of transmission.”

Skokie, Evanston, Oak Park and Stickney Township are exempt from the Cook County order because they have their own health departments.

Skokie officials said they’ll comply with the order anyway.

Evanston, Oak Park and Stickney Township are considering whether to go the same way.

Individuals aged-16 and older must show a driver’s license or other ID that matches a jab card — a draconian passport for entry to designated public places.

Proof of being fully jabbed documents include an official immunization record, a digital app that records jabs, or a photo of the card in physical or digital form.

GOP Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau said the Village Board will vote Tuesday on a resolution opposed to enforcing the draconian county mandate. 

Expecting its unanimous adoption, he called it “government overreach (that’s) unnecessary,” adding: 

“We’re going to go to our legislators and have them legislate as they were voted and elected to do to represent the people.”

If enough other officials in Chicago and Cook County followed Pekau’s example, the draconian city and county mandates could be reversed in short order.

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