No More Mr. Nice Guy

Russia justifiably wants, never got before and surely won’t get from US-dominated NATO in the new year.

Asked what his response will be if hegemon USA rejects its sought legally binding security guarantees, Putin said Russia’s response “can be very different” than earlier, adding:

It’ll “depend on proposals from our military experts.”

US-dominated NATO “pushed us to a line that we can’t cross.” 

“They have taken it to the point where we simply must tell them: ‘Stop!’ ”

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova debunked US/Western perversions of reality about upcoming Russian security demands in talks with the Bide regime next month, saying:

“In the US and a number of Western countries, statements were made that during the upcoming discussions of the Russian proposal on developing legal security guarantees, the issue of NATO non-expansion won’t be considered.”

“It is precisely NATO non-expansion and the nonappearance of weapon systems threatening our security near Russian borders that are the key issues (to be discussed) at upcoming talks with the US and NATO” in January. 

“This should be clearly understood by those who still have not figured out the essence of the Russian position.”

Separately, she confirmed an offer received on Friday about a January 12-13 Russia/NATO Council meeting.

Moscow will attend to discuss its sought security guarantees, mainly that no further US-dominated eastward advances will be tolerated without a strong response.

On Ukraine, she stressed that the Zelensky regime is unacceptably trying “to get around provisions of the Minsk Accords on the withdrawal of foreign military detachments, military hardware and foreign mercenaries from the” country.

“In view of this situation, statements by its Ukrainian authorities on their intentions to deescalate tensions in Donbass are deceitful.”

They take “100 steps back,” none forward for restoration of peace.

Kiev “is playing an active part in the US-fomented media crusade aimed at ramping up hysteria in regards to the alleged preparations ‘of Russia’s military invasion (sic).’ ” 

“This is obvious to us” and clearly untrue.

“We are calling again on the Western patrons of Ukraine, and this includes international organizations, which try not to notice the ongoing developments there, to stop looking the other way or ignoring the actions of Kiev’s regime and to finally exert efforts to (push) it toward the fulfillment of the Minsk Accords” it breached.

Complying with their provisions is essential for establishing a long-lasting peace not only in Donbass, but on a European scale.”

On Sunday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov that on all issues raised for Vladimir Putin to address, he responds candidly to leave no doubt where he stands, notably on East/West relations.

Separately, Peskov called for hegemon USA to respond officially about announced talks with Russia in January “as soon as possible.”

Lack of an official Biden regime response so far is unacceptable.

Reportedly, Biden regime hardliners and their European counterparts won’t guarantee what Moscow seeks, AP News saying:

“The US and its allies have said they won’t give Russia the kind of guarantee on Ukraine that Putin wants.” 

“A key principle of NATO is that membership is open to any qualifying country.” 

“American officials are conferring with European allies in advance of the Geneva talks.”

According to Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmitry Kuleba, the US-colonized country “should be part of security consultations” with Russia.

At his yearend press conference last week, Putin said the following about Ukraine:

“We want to build good-neighborly relations with Ukraine and, moreover, we want it.” 

“We are doing everything possible in this regard.”

“However, how can we build these relations with the present-day (US-controlled regime in Kiev), considering what they are doing at the moment?” 

“This is practically impossible.”

“We see extrajudicial killings, sanctions against their own citizens, which contradict the laws and the Constitution of Ukraine, or simply murders right in the street.” 

“Nobody is searching for these murderers.”

Addressing mass slaughter in 2014 at the Odessa Trade Union House by Ukrainian Right Sector neo-Nazi thugs, Putin asked:

“Did anyone lift a finger to find the criminals? Not at all.”

“Therefore, we have no chance to team up and work with those who want to establish relations.”

“They are being eliminated. These are the people who want to work with us. This is the problem.”

A Final Comment

Soviet Russia’s last leader, 90-year-old Mikhail Gorbachev, slammed hegemon USA’s imperial arrogance, saying:

Over the last 30 years, its ruling regimes “became too arrogant, self-confident, and big-headed.” 

“They declared victory in the Cold War.”

“We were pulling the world together out of a confrontation, out of a nuclear race.”

“But, instead, the (self-declared) ‘winners’ decided to build a new empire.”

Expressing support for upcoming Russian/US talks in January on Putin’s sought security guarantees and resolve not to tolerate further NATO expansion eastward toward Russia’s borders, he knows that no matter what Washington agrees to will be breached at its discretion.

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