Russian Foreign Ministry on Security it Seeks and Ukraine

At long last it appears that Russia means what it said about security it seeks and related issues.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below):

“Talks in the format of interdepartmental delegations of Russia and the United States, headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov and US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman are scheduled to take place in Geneva on January 10, 2022.” 

“This date has been fixed, and there are no alternatives for the time being.”

Russia’s draft documents on security guarantees it seeks were presented to the Biden regime in mid-December.

When bilateral talks begin on January 10, Russia will seek legally binding guarantees of no further NATO expansion eastward, removal of nukes and other heavy weapons in neighboring states near its borders, along with enforcement of other demands it seeks related to its security.

MZ commented on unacceptable remarks by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell last week, what’s hostile to Russia’s security.

For the Russian Federation, the issue dates from the early 1990s, MZ explained, adding:

Moscow “repeatedly proposed ensuring its indivisibility and preventing attempts of some states to achieve security at the expense of others.” 

“We were the only ones that insisted on the inclusion of these key principles in the Russia-NATO and the OSCE fundamental documents that were signed at the top level.”

“Joint documents between Russia and the EU contain similar provisions.” 

“(I)n the Roadmap for the Common Economic Space (CES), endorsed in 2005, Russia and the EU assumed commitments to contribute ‘effectively to creating a greater Europe without dividing lines.’ ” 

“With this aim in view, they agreed to ‘give particular attention to securing international stability, including in the regions adjacent to the EU and Russian borders.’ ”

US, UK, EU promises were breached time and again.

Their ruling regimes can never be trusted.

Did hegemon USA and European vassal states foster cooperative political, economic and trade relations with Russia?

Did their ruling regimes “establish a joint Russia-(Western) committee on foreign policy and security, as we suggested in the past? 

Reality showed otherwise.

In cahoots with their higher power in Washington, UK and EU regimes “escalate tensions in Europe” instead of easing them.

In cahoots with the US, European countries “curtailed a versatile system of cooperation and dialogue with Russia and subjected our country to unlawful unilateral restrictions.”

Brussels also “imposed on EU countries demands of unconditional anti-Russia solidarity and put the West Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries on the horns of an artificial geopolitical dilemma: “side either with Russia or with the EU.” 

Brussels unacceptably considers Russia a “strategic challenge (sic)…the main source of “hybrid threats (sic)” to bloc countries.

In cahoots with hegemon USA, they unacceptably reinvented Russia in pursuit of their belligerent agenda.

Borrell’s Russophobic remarks were polar opposite to what he stressed earlier, saying:

“Commitments and cooperation in this area shall be consistent with commitments under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which, for those states which are members of it, remains the foundation of their collective defense and the forum for its implementation.”

Brussels “ceded its military sovereignty” to US-dominated NATO.

It “voluntarily agreed to lose (its) sovereign rights (by letting hegemon USA) make decisions single-handedly or under NATO’s umbrella where the US is the primary decision-maker anyway.”

A decade ago, Brussels arbitrarily rejected Russian proposals for cooperative relations in peace.

Its position is uncompromising, including one-sided/unconditional demands no responsible governments would accept.

At the same time, Russia is repeatedly accused of things it had nothing to do with.

It’s falsely blamed for US, NATO, Kiev aggression.

Instead of pursuing mutually beneficial cooperative relations with Russia, unrelenting cold war is waged instead.

Following discussions in January with hegemon USA and at a Russia/NATO council meeting days later, Moscow “will decide on subsequent steps depending on the willingness of the US and NATO to have a practical conversation of (its) legitimate concerns,” MZ explained.

On US-colonized Ukraine, MZ stressed that Zelensky regime hardliners consistently failed to pursue conflict resolution with Donbass as mandated by Minsk I and II agreements — on orders from Washington.

According to OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine documents, hundreds of ceasefire violations occur daily.

The Zelensky regime “hypocritically…portray(s) itself as the broker and champion of the Donbass ceasefire (sic).”

The Donbass Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics alone agreed to conflict resolution to end years of cross-border aggression by Kiev. 

As ordered by its higher power in Washington, endless war in Europe’s heartland continues with no prospect for resolution.

As last year segued to the new one, the risk of escalated war and invasion loom large because of no end to endless heavy and other weapons pouring into Ukraine for offense, not defense.

Fascist tyranny infests US-colonized Ukraine, including abolition of speech, media and academic freedom.

What’s happening “is a cleansing of the information space – a crackdown” to ban what conflicts with the official narrative with no right appeal to any branch of government, MZ explained.

“The slightest disobedience, even any attempt to legally protest these decisions or express one’s attitude towards them is punishable by financial sanctions, intimidation… prosecution” and imprisonment.

In February, the Zelensky regime shut down “television channels 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK TV off air for having dared to broadcast views that differed from the official line,” said MZ.

“(M)illions of Ukrainian citizens (are denied) access information” they seek.

US/UK/EU tech giants support what’s going on.

Similar actions are happening in the West.

Will truth and full disclosure be criminalized ahead?

Will journalism as it should be no longer be legal?

Will prosecution and imprisonment await its purveyors?

Is Ukrainian style tyranny prelude for rolling out similar policies throughout the West?

Is global war 3.0 inevitable ahead?


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  1. Mr Lendman

    No not 3..
    Global War 2 and 1/2
    are on the drawing board.

    The Slow Play
    Rope A Dope

    USA won’t give shit.

    Only thing that’s gonna resolve
    Anything is a Punch in the nose.


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