No End to MSM Fake News About Russia

Based on state-approved talking points, MSM bashing of nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia goes on relentlessly.

Making stuff up, ignoring reality is featured in Russophobic reports.

According to fake news by the Washington-based, neocon infested, Institute for the Study of War (ISW):

Peace and stability-promoting Russia “poses a significant threat to the US and its allies (sic).”

A further litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed, including:

Vladimir Putin “invaded” neighboring states…to stop them from aligning with NATO (sic).”

He “annexed” territory bordering Russia (sic).

He “interferes” with the nonexistent Western “anti-ISIS coalition” — ignoring that the Pentagon and CIA use their elements and likeminded jihadists as proxy foot soldiers in waging wars on nonbelligerent nations.

“He has given cover to Bashar al Assad’s use of chemical weapons (sic)” — ignoring their years ago elimination under IAEA monitoring.

He “threatened to use nuclear weapons (sic)” — a hegemon USA threat, clearly not a Russian one.

He “interfered in elections and domestic political discourse in the US and Europe (sic)” — a longstanding US priority, not how Moscow operates.

“Putin is…an opportunist predator (sic).”

Russia under his leadership champions world peace, cooperative relations with other countries, and strict compliance with international law.

Hegemon USA’s way is polar opposite the above, prioritizing endless hot and cold wars on invented enemies.

In stark contrast to growing US tyranny, Putin is a model democrat, not “an autocrat” as ISW fake news claimed.

It lied saying Russia “amass(ed) a military force on and near Ukraine’s borders…to conduct a full-scale invasion (sic).”

It defied reality by falsely claiming that it’s “obvious (sic) that Putin really might invade if his demands are not met (sic).”

No Russian forces are deployed near Ukraine’s border.

No threat of invasion exists.

Putin’s demands are all about protecting Russian security — according to the rule of law — from the threat of US-led NATO aggression.

No Russian threat exists against any nations.

Hegemon USA poses an unparalleled threat to countries unwilling to sell their soul to its interests.

According to ISW fake news, Nord Stream 2 “is a threat to Europe’s security and to Ukraine’s independence (sic).” 

“This pipeline will change the geopolitical landscape in Europe for years to come (sic).” 

“It is worth renewing the fight to prevent Nord Stream 2 from starting operations (sic).”

Nord Stream 2’s 745-mile-long pipeline beneath the Baltic Sea will supply 1.942 trillion cubic feet of gas per year (about 55 billion cubic meters) from Russia to Germany through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden.

It’ll provide energy-hungry Germany and other European countries with readily available, plentiful Russian natural gas.

Completed in September, Berlin politicized the pipeline by not certifying it to become operational — in cahoots with its higher power in Washington.

Europe needs what Russia can supply.

Gas won’t likely flow through Nord Stream 2 at least until around mid-2022 unless good sense overcomes Russophobia in Berlin.

Even at market-set high prices, Russian gas is around 30% cheaper than US liquified natural gas (LNG), why it’s highly valued.

The invented Nord Stream 2 threat relates to its ability to outcompete US LNG producers for European market share based on easy access and lower price.

Germany shot itself in the foot by not permitting the pipeline to become operational when completed because it needs what Russia can supply best.

Separately, a fake news Military Times report falsely claimed that new satellite images show “additional (Russian) troops and military equipment…near” Ukraine’s border.

Operating in their own territory, threatening no one, the closest Russian forces to Ukraine are hundreds of kilometers from its border.

Not a shred of credible evidence suggests a threat by Russia to Ukraine or any other countries.

Military Times fake news falsely suggested otherwise.

Separately, a fake news Foreign Affairs report falsely accused Vladimir Putin of “seizing (an) opportunity (by) using former Yugoslav states as the next battlefield to weaken NATO and the  EU (sic),” adding:

“Russia’s goal in the Balkans is to ramp up tensions so that it can position itself as the sole regional mediator and security guarantor (sic).”

No evidence supports the above rubbish because there is none.

Russia bashing never quits, notably since the Biden regime usurped power.

Waging wars on multiple fronts, including against the vast majority of Americans, its dominant hardliners threaten everyone free from their control.

Do they have global war 3.0 in mind?

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