Omicron Scam Featured on Sunday Propaganda Shows

Omicron tops the list of more scariant than variant flu covid strains.

Earlier it was delta. 

Looking ahead, a greater more scariant than variant is highly likely to rolled out in the new year to try pushing more people to self-inflict harm than already.

Infesting US propaganda television shows like crabgrass besets lawns, fraudster Fauci showed up again to lie and mass deceive viewers on kill shots and related flu/covid issues.

Once again his remarks defied science — what he long ago abandoned on all things related to public health.

He falsely claimed that “we are definitely in the middle of a very severe surge and uptick in cases (sic).”

“We’re now at an average of about 400,000 cases per day (sic). Hospitalizations are up (sic).”

As explained earlier and consistently ignored by Fauci is that nearly all claimed outbreaks based on PCR tests are false.

Jabbed individual comprise the vast majority of legitimate cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

They’re surging, what’s not the case among the unjabbed.

Jabs are health-destroying bioweapons — designed to cause irreversible harm and shorten lifespans.

What MSM should explain, they suppress — instead featuring the likes of fraudster Fauci and other members of the US criminal class like him.

What’s vital to protect health is polar opposite what they push on propaganda TV.

Saying jabs, boosters and masking “are the kinds of things that do help to blunt even a surge as pronounced as the omicron surge” turned truth on its head by Fauci.

Omicron is a scam. No surge among the unjabbed or a pandemic exists.

Jabs destroy and don’t protect health.

Masks don’t protect and risk respiratory harm.

Based on what I’ve been taught by medical and scientific experts not connected to governments and Pharma I explained before.

It’s worlds apart from rubbish by Fauci and other fraudsters like him.

He lied saying that “the acceleration of cases that we have seen is really unprecedented (sic), gone well beyond anything we have seen before (sic).

To the extent that the above exists, it’s among jabbed individuals, not jab-free ones.

And their illness isn’t from omicron that’s virtually identical to other flu/covid strains.

Virtually everything pushed by MSM and fraudsters featured is fake news mass deception with harming maximum numbers of people in mind.

Among fraudsters showing up on propaganda TV, Fauci far and away is most duplicitous.

He’s most committed to destroying public health.

He’s been at it for nearly 40 years.

Virtually everything he pushes is fake news. It’s with irreparably harming maximum numbers of people in mind.

Jabs don’t protect against “severe disease leading to hospitalization,” as he falsely claimed.

Protection is gained from natural immunity, staying jab-free, and following a healthy lifestyle.

It includes a daily intake of vitamins C and D, together with zinc.

Readily available and inexpensive, most everyone can afford what should to taken daily to greatly cut down the risk of flu/covid illness.

Asymptomatic individuals are well, not ill.

Yet fraudsters Fauci and CDC head Walensky support quarantining them over nothing.

Instead of for a 10-day period pushed earlier, they cut it to 5 days when it should be no days.

Over the past year, jabs harmed countless millions of people throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

Hundreds of thousands perished in the US, likely millions worldwide.

What’s most important to report, MSM consistently suppress — featuring Big Lies and mass deception instead, based on state-approved talking points.

The same goes for fraudsters they quote, cite and interview.

Fauci showed up again on Sunday to continue his health-destroying mass deception campaign.

Saying “get (jabbed) if you are not (jabbed) and get boosted if you are” jabbed is guaranteed to destroy health, not protect it.

Separately on CBS News Face the Nation, former Pharma-controlled FDA head — Pfizer board member — Scott Gottlieb came on to lie and mass deceive like always before on all things flu/covid.

Pushing jabs for children aged-5 and older, he failed to explain that jabbed kids comprise nearly all pediatric hospitalizations and deaths.

He left unexplained that nearly 100% of children, adolescents and young adults who contract flu/covid fully recover.

That calling for them to be jabbed, rejabbed and boosted is a high crime against humanity.

That the same reality applies to pushing toxic jabs on individuals in all age groups.

That jabs are kill shots with that aim in mind.

Saying they’ve been “more than 600 pediatric deaths” since mass-jabbing began failed to lay blame where it belongs.

Jabs bear full responsibility. Unjabbed kids are significantly safer.

For them and young people overall, contracting flu/covid is a good thing.

With full recovery virtually guaranteed, natural immunity gained will protect them going forward.

What Gottlieb should have explained, he ignored.

What he pushed harms health.

The same goes for Fauci and other members of the US criminal class that show up on propaganda TV to lie and mass deceive viewers.

That’s their mission.

Tuning out, ignoring them and following a health-protecting protocol alone should be followed.

Above all, stay jab-free.

If already jabbed, take no more.

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