Harvard Hardens Medical Tyranny

Education at all levels requires normal interfacing with other students.

It requires the ability to have direct contact with teachers through high school and with higher education faculty.

Compared to when I attended college and grad school in the 1950s, higher education today is enormously expensive.

For the 2021-22 Harvard College academic year, costs include:

Tuition: $51,143

Fees: $4,444

Room: $11,705

Board: $7,236

Total: $74,528

The above doesn’t include cost of books, materials, and other expenses.

The annual undergraduate cost when I attended college was a tiny fraction of the above total.

With a little help from my dad, I paid for almost all my undergrad and graduate school education by working summers and part-time during school years.

My freshman year tuition was $600, $1,000 in my junior and senior years.

Everything was inexpensive then compared to now.

If I was looking forward to attending college today, it would be financially impossible without substantial aid.

Because of today’s enormous higher education costs and what this level of education should be all about, students are cheated if deprived of the right to enjoy the full experience.

Like earlier, Harvard is reverting to remote learning through at least most of January, most likely longer.

On December 18, a message to the Harvard community (students, faculty and staff) by president Lawrence Bacow, its executive VP, provost and health services head said the following:

For at least “the first three weeks of January,” remote learning will replace classroom instruction and normal interactions.

Dubiously claiming it’s because of “the rapid rise in (flu/covid) cases locally and (nationally), as well as the growing presence of…omicron” ignored reality based on science.

What’s officially reported and proliferated by MSM is fake news, the real thing concealed to push health and freedom-destroying objectives.

What’s harming other segments of society is happening on US college and university campuses.

Saying Harvard’s decision to go remote followed advice by so-called “public health experts” failed to explain that they’re same ones pushing a pandemic that only affects the jabbed.

Claiming that the decision is all about protecting Harvard community health ignored reality.

Based on science, policies instituted since 2020, and updated, irreversibly harmed the health of students, faculty and staff by near-mandating toxic jabs, masks, regular testing, and quarantining of individuals — who when test positive are falsely diagnosed.

Since 2020, the campus experience I recall no longer exists.

The same goes for thousands of other US institutions of higher education.

With rare exceptions, students, faculty and staff are again barred from Harvard’s campus for at least the next three weeks.

If reported outbreaks continue at what’s considered high levels, three weeks could become months or longer.

The same thing may be ordered for next fall, winter and spring with no end of it in prospect.

Campus life essential to the full experience may be gone for years to come — perhaps never returning to what I enjoyed long ago.

For now, classroom instruction at Harvard is out. 

The same goes for access to libraries for students, faculty and researchers.

Harvard’s announcement called for them to “work remotely” until told otherwise.

Saying it’s “critical that we all take steps to reduce risk of contracting and transmitting (flu/covid) by getting a booster, along with masking, minimizing contact, distancing, and testing” defied science.

Everything mandated or urged at Harvard and thousands of other US institutions of higher learning unacceptably eliminated the normal campus life experience.

Worse still, they’ve contributed to irreversibly destroying the health of students, faculty and staff instead of the other way around, as falsely claimed.

They breached the right of informed consent and for everything health related to require voluntary consent.

They breached international and US constitutional law.

They transformed Harvard and thousands of other US institutions of higher education into a health-destroying ones.

They transformed US higher education into something unrecognizable from what it was pre-2020.

They made higher education hazardous to health and well-being.

They instituted medical tyranny as part of the Harvard experience and on other campuses instead of education and learning as it should be.

Cost aside, I’d opt for self-education if finishing high school today in lieu of the formal kind that may be gone on US campuses with no prospect of returning to normal.

What’s going on also comes at a time when career opportunities are a shadow of what I recall when entering the workforce over 60 years ago.

Public health is being systematically being destroyed.

Free and open societies are on the chopping block for elimination.

Notions about the so-called land of the free and home of the brave were always polar opposite reality.

Today for the vast majority of people in the US/West and elsewhere, nations are increasingly unsafe and unfit to live in.

Instead of steps taken to turn things around, things are becoming increasingly draconian.

With depopulation and elimination of freedom in mind, tyrannical rule is the new abnormal throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

It’s the new reality on college and university campuses, as well as workplaces, hospitals, and most other public places.

It’s turning US/Western and other societies into lower levels of hell that Dante forgot.


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