US/NATO Foreign Ministers Plot Anti-Russia Strategy

On January 4, a NATO press release said the following:

Foreign ministers of NATO member states will meet virtually on January 7 to “discuss Russia’s (nonexistent) military build-up in and around Ukraine (sic) and broader European security issues.”

The session will be chaired by US-installed puppet Stoltenberg.

“NATO will allow a limited number of (MSM) representatives to cover the event in person.”

Proof of being fully-jabbed is required to attend — or a PCR test result that when positive is nearly always false — taken within 72 hours of the session.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister/its former NATO envoy, Alexander Grushko, said he’ll head a Foreign Ministry delegation at a scheduled January 12 Russia/alliance council meeting in Brussels, adding:

It’ll follow a January 10 discussion between Russian and Biden regime delegations on Moscow’s sought security guarantees and related issues. 

As for the hostile to Russia January 7 meeting in Brussels:

Grushko stressed that Moscow “expects such steps from the alliance.” 

“Usually, the NATO-Russia Council was always preceded either by meetings of the NATO-Ukraine Commission or meetings of the North Atlantic Council.” 

They’re “signals that NATO is sending to us that they are concerned about the alleged concentration of Russian forces” that exist only within its borders, threatening no one.

“All this fits into their line aimed at increasing tensions around the internal Ukrainian crisis, the line of portraying Russia as a party to the conflict” they created. 

“There is nothing surprising here.”

According to Tass, the last time NATO-Russia Council members met in summer 2019, “no practical results (were) achieved.”

On January 12-13, “Brussels will also host a meeting of the NATO Military Committee at the level of chiefs of defense.”

Last October, Moscow suspended cooperation with US-dominated NATO after it unacceptably expelled eight Russian diplomats from Brussels for invented reasons.

No corroborating evidence was presented to support phony accusations of spying because none existed then or now. 

Russia slammed the move, calling it an unjustifiable attempt to invent an anti-Western threat that doesn’t exist.

US/Western hostility toward Moscow reached a new low after undemocratic Dems usurped power by election rigging in November 2020.

On Tuesday, WSJ fake news reinvented reality by falsely claiming that “Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine (that doesn’t exist) is an open secret,” adding:

“Much of its military operation is being carried out in plain sight (sic).”

Alleged satellite images and flight-tracking data are fake, not real.

So is saying that Moscow is “tak(ing) steps to disguise its ultimate intentions by removing license plates from military vehicles, painting over insignia and operating in smaller units,” according to cited and quoted US/Western “analysts  and former officials (sic).”

According to alleged authority on Russia’s military, Michael Kofman, it’s “conducting a buildup that is inherently visible (sic), but it is doing it deliberately and slowly in a way that is intended to retain operational surprise (sic),” adding:

“They move forces back and forth so you can’t know for certain where these troops will end up until very late in the game when there’s precious little time to react (sic).”

“Ukraine would not necessarily know where they plan to attack, which is the feint and which is the real vector (sic).”

According to the Biden regime’s national security council:

“Open-source satellite imagery helped shine a spotlight on Russia’s troop movements (sic).” 

“We also sought to leverage…intelligence community…expertise” to report fake news about Russia like many times before.

No Russian invasion of Ukraine occurred earlier, no annexation of Crimea, no threats to other nations anywhere or belligerence against invented enemies like US-dominated NATO operates at all times.

The above WSJ rubbish is fake news Russia bashing.

It’s similar to how hegemon USA, its subservient vassal states, and press agent media demonize other sovereign independent nations that are unwilling to sell their souls to a higher power in Washington.

Russia, China, Iran and other nations free from US control threaten no others.

Hegemon USA and its subservient vassal states pose an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

What the Journal should have explained, it suppressed.

What it reported was fake news — like countless times before about invented US enemies.

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