China Supports Kazakhstan’s Right to Restore Order

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the following about violence in Kazakhstan:

“China and Kazakhstan are friendly neighbors and permanent comprehensive strategic partners.” 

“In China’s view, what is happening in Kazakhstan is its domestic affairs.” 

“We believe that the Kazakh authorities can properly resolve the issue.” 

“We hope the situation could stabilize as soon as possible and normal social order could be restored.”

On Friday, Wang added:

“China noted that the Kazakh authorities are taking forceful measures to crack down on violent terrorist acts and uphold social stability.” 

“China supports all efforts that will help the Kazakh authorities calm the situation as soon as possible and firmly opposes external forces deliberately creating social instability and instigating violence.” 

“As a brotherly neighbor and permanent comprehensive strategic partner, China will make its utmost effort to provide necessary support to Kazakhstan and help it overcome the difficulties.”

“Upholding the security and stability of its member states and the region is the consistent purpose and task of the  Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).” 

“China and other members of the SCO are closely following the situation in Kazakhstan.” 

“We believe that the Kazakh authorities will properly resolve the issue, support Kazakhstan in stabilizing the situation as soon as possible and are willing to prompt the SCO to play a positive role to this end.”

On Friday, China’s Global Times (GT) noted that Kazakh security forces — with help from neighboring CSTO countries — began restoring order by countering an “invasion by gangs trained from abroad.”

There’s no ambiguity about the main culprit from the above remark, GT adding:

US-dominated NATO states are up to their old dirty tricks.

Involvement of peacekeepers from Russia and other CSTO countries are up to the task of restoring order in Kazakhstan.

On Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed condolences to Kazakh President Tokayev for (externally orchestrated) casualties and loss of life.

Xi noted that his Kazakh counterpart acted properly to counter and quell violence.

He offered to send help if Tokayev requests it.

China stands with Kazakhstan and its people against externally generated violence and chaos, Xi stressed.

Despite unjustifiable US-led Western criticism about deployment of Russian and other CSTO peacekeepers, research fellow Yang Jin at the Institute of Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said the following:

Deployment of peacekeepers to Kazakhstan by CSTO member states in response to Tokayev’s request for help is legitimate and called for under the circumstances.

“(B)y deploying troops, the CSTO wanted to deter outside forces and the terrorist forces that want to seek benefits from the current situation.”

Video’s revealed how foreign-directed terrorists gripped the country and its people.

They showed weapons used by US/Western supported thugs.

They showed beatings of Kazakh security forces, some run over by cars, at least one found beheaded. 

On Thursday, a CSTO statement said Tokayev’s appeal “states that this situation is seen as an invasion by gangs trained from abroad.”

Russian International Affairs Council director general Andrey Kortunov called intervention by Russia and other CSTO countries  an important gesture of political support and solidarity, adding:

Countering foreign proxy war is crucial to put down in the interest of Kazakh and regional security.

Center of SCO Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences director Pan Guang said that while documented evidence of who’s behind days of Kazakh violence, supporters of terrorism and extremism from abroad are likely involved.

With order being restored, the lesson of Kazakhstan is that what’s gone on this week can happen again.

It can happen to other CSTO countries at a time and invented pretext of hegemon USA’s choosing.

CSTO member states Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and other regional states also belong to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Days of violence in Kazakhstan is reason enough for closer ties by regional states with Russia and China.

They’re reliable allies for peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations — in stark contrast to hegemon USA’s sought dominance by brute force if other tactics fall short.

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