Biden Regime Rejects Russia’s Security Demands

As expected, hours of talks in Geneva on Monday ended with no agreement on Russia’s security demands.

Head of Russia’s delegation, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, explained that “no progress” was achieved, adding:

Russia’s main concerns “are on hold, and we do not see the American side’s readiness to resolve them in a way that suits us.”

At the same time, he stressed that “(i)t is very important that Ukraine can never join NATO in the future.” 

“We need iron, legal obligations, not promises, but guarantees.”

“This is a matter of Russia’s national security.”

It must be addressed without “additional delays.”

Lead Biden regime delegate, deputy secretary of state Wendy Sherman, said hegemon USA will “not allow anyone to slam closed NATO’s open-door policy,” adding:

“We will not forego bilateral cooperation (sic) with sovereign states that wish to work with the US (sic).”

“(W)e will not make decisions about Ukraine without Ukraine, about Europe without Europe, or about NATO without NATO (sic).” 

Sherman added that she offered to meet with Russian officials again for further discussion.

Talks accomplishing nothing on Monday showed the futility of continuing what doesn’t work.

At this time, Russia intends to meet with NATO and OSCE officials on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

Yet Moscow knows that wherever hegemon USA goes, subservient European vassal states follow.

If held, further talks this week and thereafter will accomplish nothing toward Russia’s sought security — nothing toward normalizing relations with the US-dominated West.

It’s long past time for Russia to shift from talks going nowhere to tough actions with teeth.

It’s the only language that hegemon USA and its vassal states understand.

Talks on Monday again proved that diplomacy with the US is a colossal waste of time when undertaken.

Continuing what doesn’t work is self-defeating.

If Russia wants to participate in talks with NATO and OSCE officials this week, so be it.

Looking ahead, actions should replace meaningless talks in ways to let Biden regime hardliners know that Moscow means business.

It wants legally binding guarantees of its security — likely in treaty form.

It demands no further NATO expansion eastward toward its borders, no deployment of hostile forces nears its territory, no nearby war-making rehearsals, no Pentagon bases in former Soviet republics, no Eastern Europe nukes aimed at its heartland.

The Kremlin should show in clear and unequivocal language — understood by Biden regime hardliners — that it’ll accept nothing less than the above.

It should proceed with this type toughness, knowing that no matter what hegemon USA agrees to — even in binding treaty and/or Security Council resolution form — its ruling regimes consistently and repeatedly renege.

Both right wings of the US war party can never be trusted.

Their word is never their bond.

Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials should paste or otherwise affix the above reality to their bathroom mirror to see and understand daily when shaving or washing hands and face.

Engaging with hegemon USA diplomatically assures failure.

The above reality applies to all nations free from its control — especially Russia, China and Iran because of their importance on the world stage, notably when united against the imperial threat posed by US-dominated NATO.

After talks concluded on Monday, Ryabkov stressed that Moscow “cannot back away from” its security demands, adding:

On Monday, “(w)e spent a lot of effort…explain(ing) to (Biden regime delegates) why playing with fire is not in their interests, why the potential disregard for our absolutely justified presentation of the problem that things cannot any longer go the way they were in the past decades, cannot continue in relations with NATO.” 

“We need drastic changes in the narrative or our relations, its matrix, its framework.”

What Russia sought diplomatically on Monday, it did not get.

Nor will further diplomacy succeed ahead.

Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials should conclude that diplomacy with hegemon USA and its European vassal states must end.

Not according to a statement by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, saying:

“We proceed from the premise (that) differences of opinion still have a chance and should have a chance for a professional, constructive, business-like conversation.” 

We…demonstrated and displayed this spirit (on Monday). We are ready for further work.”

If Russia continues diplomacy with the US-dominated West — that can drag on endlessly like going nowhere JCPOA talks in Vienna — impasse will follow.

Nothing, positive will be achieved.

Russia’s tough talk will prove hollow.

Actions, not futile diplomacy, is the only way ahead.

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  1. Putin should walk away from the discussions. Russia should go back to placing nukes in Cuba, and anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere that will take them. Russia should over run Ukraine…and stay in Kazakhstan…while back-filling those troops with nuclear weapons right on Europe’s Border. Russia should announce that those nukes are permanent…and will be permanently aimed at Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid…every city across The European Continent. F NATO if they don’t like it. Let’s see how The Senile Junta Member deals with nukes right off The American Coast. Russia should also use one of it’s hypersonic missiles and take out Dimona at the outset of hostilities. Drop as many arms, fuel and supplies as possible into Gaza, along with some tanks, real missiles and artillery. See how many of those “settlers” from Israel are eager to fight people capable of fighting back. See how “The West” likes being messed with, with the only option total nuclear war. Let’s see The Senile Junta Member who illegitimately holds the Office of President…crap his pants then.


  2. It’s not the Americans that are deaf, dumb, and blind.

    It’s the Russians.

    They don’t seem to learn that they can’t have professional, constructive, and business like conversations with the Americans who are out to destroy them.

    Perhaps the Russians need to have their nose smashed hard and be kicked in their balls before they will do something about it.


  3. indeed, according to Dr.Paul Craig Roberts, talking to Corporate controlled USA is a waste of time and effort because , the Military industrial complex is earning too much money and requires a powerful enemy to justify this amount of money ( debt based money), being spent . There is no way that the fascist Corporate bodies in control of the US and it’s EU vassals will ever want peace anywhere on this planet as there raison d’être will go as well. The Russian Govt have backed down too many times and this has been seen as weakness moreover, if Russia allows the Kyiv regime to drag the Russian speaking Oblasts into some type of quasi NATO membership, this will just make Russia more unstable and be vulnerable to internal NGO funded regime change/ destabilisation that is so common with the tactics of the CIA . Russia ( in my opinion ) must now seize with overwhelming power the eastern and southern part of Ukraine and either set up a new Russian speaking State or, amalgamate these lands back into Russia completely as i no longer believe that the West is serious about expanding the Corporate controlled NATO . Russia must act fast or Ukraine will ” drift” into NATO by stealth. Talking to the collapsing US Empire is just a waste of time and effort.


  4. The action Russia is considering is putting hypersonic nuclear missiles in new places, like Belarus, Kaliningrad, even Iran, and especially Crimea.

    The second is to just to supply gas to the East, and no longer to the West. It would devastate German exports to have to run on highly expensive Amerucan shale gas.

    There are options short of invasion.


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