Kick in the Ass Time

As expected on Monday in Geneva, Biden regime officials rejected Russia’s legitimate security demands.

Much the same is virtually certain when Russian officials meet with their NATO and OSCE counterparts on Wednesday and Thursday.

The same reality applies to further East/West talks if held.

Longstanding US policy toward Russia is all about no end to demonization of the country as an invented enemy for not bending to a higher power in Washington.

Further talks on what relates to 

Russian security — no matter how long they go on — won’t change a thing.

Why is Moscow going down the same path that always failed before and surely won’t succeed ahead?

Why is it wasting time and effort instead of acting against the US in the only language it understands?

Why doesn’t it end talking time for toughness with teeth that leave no doubt what it will and won’t tolerate?

In response to the Trump regime’s assassination of Iranian Iranian General Qassem Soleimani on January 3, 2020, the IRGC retaliated against two Pentagon bases in Iraq days later.

Iranian missiles successfully penetrated US air defenses, striking targets with pinpoint accuracy — causing significant damage and injuries to US forces.

Like all bullies, hegemon USA backs off from attacking the territory of nations able to hit back hard against aggressors.

Its war on Russia, China and Iran is waged by other means for this reason.

It’s long past time for Russia to follow Iran’s retaliatory example.

On orders from Washington, vassal state Ukraine is waging forever war on Russian nationals in the country.

By falsely mistreating them as fifth columns threats, their fundamental rights are denied.

Their health, well-being and lives are endangered.

For nearly eight years, Kiev has been waging US-orchestrated and directed hot war on Donbass.

It began after the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk Donbass declared independence from US-installed fascist tyranny in Ukraine.

Instead of allowing both republics to join Russia in response to their request — what he did for Crimeans — Vladimir Putin went part way alone by offering them expedited Russian citizenship.

Over a million Donbass residents took up the offer. 

Why isn’t Moscow going all-out to protect their citizens in Ukraine and Donbass?

Under international law, nations may act to protect their endangered nationals in other countries — according to the UN Charter’s “protection of nationals” doctrine.

Why hasn’t Russia followed this doctrine to protect its nationals in Ukraine and Donbass from US-orchestrated and directed abuses against them by Kiev?

Why has it been passive in response to hostile actions by hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states?

They continue pouring heavy and other weapons into Ukraine for offense — on the phony pretext of defense.

The risk of escalated aggression by Kiev on Donbass in the weeks and months ahead is real, including possible invasion.

In response to requested help, Russia acted swiftly to aid neighboring Kazakhstan foil an attempted Biden regime coup attempt.

Why isn’t it acting in similar fashion to protect its abused nationals in Ukraine and Donbass?

Why hasn’t Putin followed Iran’s retaliatory example?

Why hasn’t he abandoned going nowhere diplomatic outreach to US-dominated European countries for kick in the ass time?

Why hasn’t Russia launched a retaliatory strike on US-installed nuclear-capable missile sites near its border that target its heartland?

Why hasn’t it delivered this message to show that talking time is over?

Why hasn’t Putin made clear that action time began. 

If hegemon US-dominated NATO continues to threaten its security, more of the same should follow until the message is understood.

Russia wants peace and stability, not war.

It wants the major threat posed by the US-dominated West neutralized.

Virtually always, its diplomatic messages fall on deaf ears in Washington and European capitals when delivered.

It’s long past time for kick in the ass messages — the only kind that their ruling regimes understand.

Will going this way risk all-out war?

Did US hot war on Iran follow its retaliatory strike on cross-border US targets two years ago?

The best way to pursue peace and stability at a time of forever US wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies may be by delivering spoonfuls of strikes on its Eastern European targets to help the medicine go down.

Nothing less worked so far.

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