Disturbing News on the Homefront and Abroad

In my 9th decade, things never looked more ominous than what’s been going on since 2020 — especially since undemocratic Dems usurped power.

Looking ahead in the new year and what’s likely to follow, nothing in prospect looks positive — most everything negative that’s likely to worsen ahead.

Following rejection of Russia’s security demands by the Biden regime and US-dominated NATO vassal states, Russian defense officials laid out a plan of action in response to US-led alliance aggression if things turn out this way.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, Russia’s military strategists presented options to Vladimir Putin under a worst case scenario.

While Moscow seeks peace, not war, Ryabkov said while nothing is confirmed, no action plan can be ruled out.

The option “of foreign military policy is the cornerstone of ensuring this country’s powerful influence in the world.”

Russia’s policies depend “on actions of” the US war party.

Putin spoke “out many times…about what activities” Russia may employ in response to menacing US actions. 

“If things go completely in the direction of provoking Russia and further strengthening the military pressure on us by the US,” an appropriate response will follow, said Ryabkov.

Putin prioritizes “an agreement.”

Yet he knows that in dealings with the US-dominated West, nothing positive took place that stood the test of time.

No evidence suggests that what never occurred before throughout the post-WW II period is possible ahead.

If past is prologue, reality looking ahead shows no US-led Western prospect for improving relations with Russia or other nations free from its control — just the opposite.

Weeks earlier, Sergey Lavrov noted that increasing numbers of US/Western forces, weapons, and equipment are being deployed along Ukraine’s contact line with Donbass with likely escalated war in mind.

If occurs and spills into Russian territory, Putin will have protect the security of his country by responding in an appropriate way.

Separately in late January, so-called Robin Sage drills are scheduled to take place in North Carolina.

Army recruits will engage in simulated guerrilla warfare against seasoned veterans.

They’ll “carry out reconnaissance mission, conduct raids, and organize ambushes against an “illegitimate government” with intent to topple it.

The exercise also aims to train future special forces.

Similar drills have been going on periodically for decades to simulate war on Russia and other US invented enemies.

The exercise is considered a Special Forces Qualification Course final exam.

According to retired Special Forces warrant officer Steve Balestrieri involved in running the drill:

“Special Forces candidates have to meet up with and make rapport with a third-world nation guerrilla force, train them up, and then work by, with, and through that guerrilla force to conduct combat operations against a numerically superior enemy occupying force.”

Retired green beret John Black said Robin Sage is “supposed to be brutal.”

Deployed behind simulated enemy lines to meet up with a partnered force, the exercise simulates no-holds-barred warfare against a fictional enemy.

Separately on Tuesday, the Biden regime’s Justice Department is establishing a domestic terrorism unit to combat an invented threat that’s part of its overall fear-mongering campaign.

According to fake news by assistant attorney general Matthew Olsen:

“We face an elevated threat from domestic violent extremists (sic). 

They “seek to commit violent criminal acts in furtherance of domestic social or political goals (sic).”

They’re “motivated by a mix of ideologies and personal grievances (sic)…racial animus, as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies (sic).”

“We also remain vigilant to the persistent threat from international terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaida and ISIS (sic).”

So called domestic and foreign terrorists are invented to demonize segments of society targeted for elimination.

Or they’re elements used as proxy foot soldiers to advance Washington’s imperial aims.

Post-9/11, Muslims at home and abroad were Washington’s main invented enemies.

Today it’s virtually everyone opposed to its imperial aims, including truth-tellers on vital issues.

Biden regime’s education secretary Miguel Cardona compared parents involved in protesting against unacceptable policies by local school boards to domestic terrorists. 

What’s going on is cracking down on justifiable dissent against US policies that no one should tolerate — notably ones related to kill shots and all else flu/covid.

At home, all-out war is ongoing to eliminate unwanted segments of society, destroy what remains of greatly eroded freedoms, and transfer maximum wealth to privileged Americans by stealing it from most others.

Abroad, all nations free from US control are targeted for regime change by whatever it’ll take to achieve its diabolical aims.

The nation I grew up in long ago no longer exists.

Tyranny on a fast track toward becoming full-blown replaced it. 

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