Fake Biden’s Record Low Approval Rating and Dollar Debasement

Quinnipiac University’s latest poll results — conducted from Jan. 7 – 10 with 1,313 adults nationwide — show that if a US presidential election was held this month, the GOP challenger would likely defeat the fake Biden by a landslide margin.

With an approval rating of 33% — his low point since Dems usurped power — only Richard Nixon and Harry Truman scored lower in presidential polling than the fake Biden throughout the post-WW II period.

Multiple Quinnipiac polls on the fake Biden since last year showed his approval dropping from 49% to its current low point.

Based on the past year’s trend, it’s likely to continue dropping further — given dismal conditions in the country likely to worsen ahead. See below.

Over three-fourths of respondents said the nation’s greatest danger is internal.

By a 58 – 37% margin, they cited the danger of internal collapse.

According to Quinnipiac University’s polling analyst Tim Malloy:

“A fear of the enemy within, not a foreign threat, punctuates a grim assessment by Americans of a (nation’s political system) in peril and a future of deepening divisions.”

On the fake Biden’s handling of the economy, only 34% of respondents expressed approval.

On foreign policy, it’s 35%.

On kill shots and all else flu/covid, it’s 39%.

Half of respondents said the White House imposter is a divider, not a uniter.

According to Malloy, after one year in office, Americans gave the fake Biden “low grades.”

Respondents rated congressional Republicans and Dems poorly — at 26 and 30% approval respectively.

The fake Biden’s record low approval rating largely reflects the most dismal state of the nation since WW II ended.

Based on how inflation was calculated pre-1990, it’s 15.15% currently — its highest level since mid-1947 and rising.

Everyone who eats, drives a car, heats and/or air conditions a residence, has health insurance and other medical expenses, and/or pays tuition bills knows more about inflation than TV talking-head economists and commentators.

Years of reckless money printing madness created double-digit inflation that continues to increase at a time when the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed keeps the spigot open and interest rates at zero.  

Real unemployment at yearend 2021 stood at 24.8% — a figure nearly matching the depth of the 1930s Great Depression at 25.6%.

According to World Bank data, the US mother of all stock market bubbles exceeded the combined GDP of America, China, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain at yearend 2021 — because of money printing madness.

Current Wall Street-installed Fed chairman Powell continues to prop up market valuations to enrich the nation’s privileged class at the expense of Main Street misery.

If analyst Doug Casey is right, the US (and West, and elsewhere) on the cusp of the worst (financial) crisis in nearly a century,” adding:

“We are at a critical juncture, and what’s coming next could change everything.”

“We will likely see incredible volatility in the financial markets as thousands of businesses go bankrupt and inflation (keeps) spiral(ing) out of control.”

“(W)e’re not just talking about a stock market crash or a currency collapse.”

“It’s something much bigger…with the potential to alter the fabric of society (longterm or) forever.”

Wealth transfer to privileged interests continues to increase.

Most people will be harmed while the privileged few benefit enormously.

Dollar debasement continues by endless printing of trillions of dollars.

Things are “on the cusp of a global monetary reset that could see:”

“A supranational digital currency replace the US dollar”

“The end of paper currency”

“The birth of an Orwellian surveillance system that monitors and controls every penny you earn, save, and spend”

Greater money printing madness “will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.”

According to hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones:

“The depth and magnitude of the economic drop-off took Modern Monetary Theory – or the direct monetization of massive fiscal spending – from the theoretical to practice without any debate.” 

“It happened globally with such speed that even a market veteran like myself was left speechless.”

Casey believes that dollar debasement is step one toward ushering in what he called the “Great Monetary Reset of 2022.”

Inflation at over 15% adversely affected most Americans.

If money printing madness accelerates ahead, so will inflation by continued debasement of the dollar.

Most Americans already struggle to make ends meet.

Most working-age ones earn poverty-level wages.

Many US workers need more than job to get by.

America was thirdworldized years ago.

If things more greatly worsen ahead beyond their current dismal state, poverty and sub-poverty will likely become the new abnormal for the vast majority.

In stark contrast, the nation’s super-rich become much richer than ever at their expense.

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